SweatFest 2018

AO: Shadow

When: 05/17/2018

QIC: GreenBean

PAX (): GreenBean, Fireballs, Leon, Poison, CashBox, Abba, Phish, Switch, Billboard, Moonshine, Fizz, TenCount, SnakeOil

13 unlucky men braved a GreenBean Q this AM on our most hot (68 according to Fireballs) and humid morning so far in ’18. YHC was pleased to see CashBox return for his 2nd posting, as well as one of our largest Dunwoody PAX this year.

Follow me around school, back to starting point.
SSH IC x 25
MC’s IC x 25, hold it for:
Plank, right arm up and right leg up, regular, flapjack
Low-Slow Squats IC x 25
Merkins IC x 25!

The Thang:
Super 11’s:
Starting at far parking lot sidewalk- run to second sidewalk for 10 LBC’s, back to starting sidewalk for 1 Burpee
Oh, by the way, stopping at middle sidewalk for 5 merkins (each way!)
Solid work by Abba!

Plank and flutter kick waiting on the six.

Follow me to the Seles Stop/Platform of Pain for:
American Hammers IC x 25
Freddie Mercuries IX x 25
Obliques: L over R x 25, flapjack

Follow me up stairs to upper lot for sprints:
Lying prone, then across. 10 merkins
Lying prone, karoake back, 10 American Hammers
Lying prone, Karoake back, 10 LBC’s?
Lying prone, backwards run back
solid work by Abba, Phish and Switch- Sugar Rays

Follow me to rock garden for dips:
IC x 20
IX x 5

out of time, hands up steps back to COT

Thanks to Abba for taking us out and praying over DHS, the students, teachers and staff! *Next Thursday is Abba’s last post before his family of 8 heads off to Thailand for mission work. Let’s give him a good sendoff next Thursday.


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