Race to the Flag

When: 5/17/18

Where: The Paragon

The Pax: Westside, Sweetheart (FNG), Tebow, Cuban, Kiffin, Titlemax, Nomad, Fleetwood, Papa John, Legionnaire, Garfield, Chief, Coach (FNG)

QIC: Smurfette

Pleasantly surprised by anything other than rain, YHC delivered a beatdown inspired by the upcoming Adventure Race in Blueridge, GA. 4 or 5 men from the Paragon are signed up for an !EIGHT HOUR! race taking place this Saturday. YHC has aspirations to do something similar one day, but considering that YHC has never been a part of any race lasting longer than 25 minutes……I thought it might be a good idea to take baby steps before YHC or any other eager Paragon Pax  attempt to run (…for 8 HOURS)! The overly obvious conclusion from this morning: significant training is required before embarking on any kind of race in the future. On another note, big time props to the two FNG’s who braved the gloom this morning and fought their best for 45 minutes to complete this morning’s beatdown.

– SSH x 15
– Windmills x 9
– Weed Pickers x 7
– Sundgods x OYO
– Finkle Swings x 10 each leg (…It’s become tradition)

The Thang
YHC divided the Pax up into 3 teams of 4-5 for an F3-inspired race and delivered instructions for the Beatdown. Each team received 1 Weinke to help them stay on course, and was told that each team member must complete each exercise before moving on to the next part of the race, which included the following:

– Each Pax performs 50 Merkins at the start
– Partner carry to “The Donut”
– Each Pax performs 50 BBS
– Mosey behind the HS to the HS bus lanes
– Each Pax runs suicides to and from each bus lane in descending order
– Mosey up the HS stairs and down to the bottom of the “Hill of Pain”
– Each Pax performs 30 Burpees
– Mosey through the HS baseball lot and turn left on Hickory Rd
– Mosey left on E Cherokee all the way back to the flag

Let the record show that the team of Cuban, Nomad, Fleetwood, and Titlemax absolutely smoked the rest of us. Whoever assigned the teams really screwed that up…


– Continued prayers for Kiffin’s M
– A reminder from Legionnaire about the ruck event taking place in Alpharetta this Saturday

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