2 Years in the Gloom

AO: Rubicon

When: 05/17/2018


PAX (): Zima, Devito, Isner, Aflac, Squeegee, Bronco, Lowes, Pitstop, Cookie, Foghorn, Pellets, Scar, Spandex, Moonshine, Jackalope, Bayside, Lumberg, Swingline, Nacho, BoKnows, M.T.

Today marked two years being a  part of the F3 family for YHC.  It was pure coincidence of having Q.  In fact, someone may have fortuitously signed me up.  If so, that’s amazing.  In fact, this volunteering names on the Q sheet seems to be gaining steam.  Maybe we need to volunteer some names on the WidowMaker Q sheet.  We don’t back down from an assignment, we own it.  Just look at Jackalope if you don’t believe it.  He loves being volunteered and he owns it like the HIM that he is.  Back to two years, what an amazing run.  Amazing things have happened and it’s been an honor to be a part of it while getting stronger myself in so many ways.   Many great relationships have been developed across all AO’s and at the Rubicon.   How much did all this cost?  Free, well not really, it still sucks getting up early so it cost me my sleep but yet YHC get’s up at 5 AM, 4 days a week on average.  Anyway, many thanks to all of you!

What happened today – Well 20 PAX posted, the weinke disclaimer was read (CoQ would be proud except he didn’t post) and a warm up lap around the lot occured kicking butts and raising knees.  Typical Warm up Exercises then took place at our new flag (that old one was getting really beat up and nasty anyways).  SSH, weed pickers, wind mills, mountain climbers, etc.

The Thang:

On to the coupon pile where we found a friend and proceeded to the FOD to deposit said friend for later.  One tempo lap around the perimeter – Tempo – not sprint, not pace, somewhere in between.  Count off by 2’s.

One group lines up head to toe in plank position along first base line and second is 10 feet away.  A Indian Bear crawl race to the outfield fence where group 2 wins by a nose.   Keeping that same orientation,  we did the Crawl Bear race back to the infield.  Two observations – BoKnows flies in reverse and some others need practice getting their brain on board with the motion.  Group 1 wins this one.

After a tempo lap, group 1 and 2 each circled up for a Mercan Time Bomb.  The first man starts with 2 mercans and the next man begins when the first one starts his second rep.  On an on back to the original man who then does 3 mercans with a continuation until everyone has done 10.  If you aren’t doing Mercans, you are planking.

After another tempo lap, we retrieved our coupons for
25, 4-Count Hammers
25 BBS
20 Straight arm lifts (shoulders)
20 in cadence Curls

With Coupons we left FOD to the base of FOD hill.  7’s with coupon squats at the bottom, burpee’s at the top.  Back to the flag for some quick flutters and time was up

Prayers for the Gonzales Family
Need sign ups for Widowmaker
Great work by all today!  How about Pellets who I don’t think has missed a beat down yet including Saturdays!  It won’t be long until he is in the front

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