Last Minute Q

AO: The Playground

When: 05/16/2018

QIC: The Mole

PAX (): Toto, Thrasher, Misty, Dosido, The Mole

YHC handed off the Q the last two weeks for The Playground, so it was a little nerve wracking to realize on Tuesday evening that YHC still hadn’t conjured up a plan for the Q for the gloom of Wednesday morning.  Nonetheless, YHC was able to pull up the Word document with ideas jotted down over the last few months to piece together a plan at the 11th hour.


Mosey around the first parking island
SSH IC (x 15)
Weed Pickers IC (x 10)
Copperhead Squats IC (x 10)
Sun Gods

The Thang

Grab your favorite coupon (8″x8″x16″ concrete block) and head to The Playground.

Cindy (without coupon)
5 – pullups
10 – Derkins
15 – Monkey Humpers
OYO 5 rounds – Plank for the six

TABATA (WITH coupon) – 50 seconds exercise / 10 seconds rest

Kettle Swings
“Goblet” Squat
Bulgarian Split Squat (LEFT leg)
Bulgarian Split Squat (RIGHT leg)
4 cycles

This set was no joke.  YHC was sweating profusely as the humidity was suffocating and the exercises were harder than expected.  PAX took a rest between set 3 and 4 (per the Q as YHC was gassed).  Consequently, the “clean-up” 6:12 alarm went off during the last round of Bulgarian Split Squats (good timing).  Finish last 20 seconds of TABATA and then hustle back to cars to move all 15 concrete blocks from Dosido’s vehicle to The Mole’s vehicle.  PAX gave The Mole some props for loading/un-loading blocks for all previous beatdowns OYO.  It ain’t easy.


— Holly Springs launch in less than a week (Tuesday May 22)
— Fia/F3/2.0 convergence beatdown June 2 at The Hurt Locker
— Hire Heroes ruck/beer drinking this Saturday (May 19) at Alpharetta/Big Creek Greenway

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