Dicey Situation at Caney Creek

AO: Caney Creek

When: 05/16/2018


PAX (): St 2.0, Nacho Libre, Moonshine, IHoP, TO, FNG Magic

Five pax gathered in the damp but not soaked Caney Creek parking lot Wednesday.  0515 arrived as did the arrival of a sixth, another Sad Clown recruited by IHOP.  What was missing was the big white van with our NLB brothers.  Unfortunately, IHOP beared the bad news that they would not be able to make this workout. So with that, the Pax moseyed.

Warm Up

Up the stairs and two laps around the hilltop and back down to the parking lot.

SSH, Imperial Walker and Abe Vigodas


The Thang

YHC broke out three regular dice, one 12 sided die and a list of 12 exercises.  Each pax took turns rolling the dice.  The 12 sided die number was cross referenced with the exercise list and the pax would complete as many reps as the sum of the three regular dice.  Things seemed to start out pretty easy.  Seven merkins on the first roll, six Plank Jacks nothing too difficult and  YHC was thinking he should have added another die or two to increase the exercise count.  But then Lady Luck and the odds tipped in the Pax’s favor.  A few successive rolls of burpees started to turn the tide.  IHOP rolled four times and rolled burpees three of them.   After the pax took about four or five turns each and it was time to move on to something else.

The six moseyed over to the hill for some 11s.  A Merkin and Air Squat combination with Bear Crawls up the hill and jogging back down.

We concluded with some Mary with each pax taking a turn at an exercise.  Nacho introduced a new one that was pretty awesome.  The Reverse T Plank Jack, or something like that.



FNG Magic was introduced.  He is a rabid Boston Celtics fan so Magic seemed like an appropriate fit.

Prayers for the NLB guys as they work through some things on campus as well as St 2.0’s mother in law heading down to MD Anderson.

Macon Launch is 0700 Saturday.  Contact YCH @TO_F3Alpha if interested in car pooling down.

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