AO: The Wreck

When: 05/16/2018

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (): Turbine, Aflac, Crablegs, Big Wheel, Switch, Hoosier, Goat, Sprocket, Bronco, Virginia Slim, Circus, Smackdown, Squeegee, Booter, Patch, Percy, Jackelope, Zema, Shooter, I-Beam

21 posted in the gloom on Wednesday with the rain threatening to show. No rain? No problem as YHC prepared a WO to produce plenty of sweat.

Circled up at the flag for a quick warm-up:
– Windmill – 20ct
– Arm circles – 20ct
– *Jane Fonda – right leg 10ct
– left leg 10ct
– Dancing Bears – 20ct


– Took the customary “long” route towards the pond and used the light poles as cues. At each light pole YHC would rotate 1/4 turn and continue the pace. Forwards, right facing side step, backwards, left facing side step, etc… Continued normal mosey at the pond and led the PAX to the turf.
– Squats for the 6


– Started the WO with a Fire Drill – PAX circled up and began to chop. At the call of “FIRE”, orders are to Drop, roll to the right/Merkin, roll to the left/Merkin, back to feet and continue chopping. This continues until we go around the entire circle. Turf burns are now a “thing”.

– Next was the modified Suicide Drill with the call for **Crawl-Bears. (Turbine was confident that YHC mispoke and I quote “@chelsea I thought you misspoke when I heard “Crawl Bear”….I mean it’s understandable for us to say something and mean something else with foggy heads at 5 something in the morning. But nope, the wienke had Crawl Bear written down on it. Add Crawl Bear to the list of exercises I suck at” Thanks for the shout-out.

– jog to 10yd line, 2 burpees, crawl-bear back to goal line
– jog to 20yd line, 4 burpees, crawl-bear back to goal line
– jog to 30yd line, 6 burpees, crawl-bear back to goal line
– jog to 40yd line, 8 burpees, crawl-bear back to goal line
– jog to 50yd line, 10 burpees, crawl-bear back to goal line

Some PAX completed the WO ahead and YHC called for a group finish with the six at the 50 yd line. 10 burpees in cadence and a group crawl-bear to the goal line saw an immediate need for a 10 count.

– There’s still time, so we mosey over to our friend the BAH aka Big a$$ Hill for an abbreviated version of Bear’s Merkin dash.
– 5 wide Merkins at the bottom
– 5 narrow Merkins mid-hill
– 5 standard Merkins at the top and repeat with 4, 3, 2, 1

With a minute to spare, Aflac used the time to Mary some dying cockroaches and YHC called time 3 secs short of 6:15. Still sorry you didn’t get to a 30 ct.

– Waiting to hear from Squeegee on volunteer work
– Sprocket pulling a list of widows/shut-ins to support
– Hogwallow trail run = 7am start during Daylight Savings time

*Jane Fonda – coined by @aflac, standing on one leg, using the other to rep backwards. Thanks @rooney.
**Crawl-Bear – a bear crawl, moving in reverse


– @chelsea


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