What time is it!? Jackalope VQ time @ The Rubicon!

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/15/2018

QIC: Jackalope

PAX (): Jackalope, Devito, Pellets, Spandex, Dosido, Scar, Smackdown, MillerTime,Aflac,Flo,Pitstop,BoKnows,Bayside,Lumbergh,Zima,Turbine,Cookie,Zohan, Bronco,TO,Moonshine,DD


As the Pax rolled up to The Rubicon, this orange draped silhouette of a man in Astros gear strolled up and yes it was Jackalope – locked and loaded for his VQ.  22 PAX were ready to roll after a very brief but especially effective disclaimer.  Note:  This BB is a transcription in Jackalope’s own words but includes modifications (little nuggets) made by this author.

The WarmUp

Bayside turned 16 last week. Since he is my 2.0, wanted to double this number and group workout reps into 16 and 32 categories.  First a Mosey to the baseball field (field of dreams).  Then we lined up across the outfield foul line.  Next was: 16 SSH, Sprint to centerfield, 16 count merkins, sprint to opposite foul line, 16 count Jump squats, sprint to mid field 16 count jump lunges (hey, I helped with the cadence count on this one) Sprint to opposite foul line and then 16 count burpees. 

The Thang 1

Taking the 16 concept(x2) we rinsed and repeated the following: Sprint to mid field/center field, then 32 Count Diamond Merkins.  Then Sprint to opposite foul line for 32 Count right hand forward staggered Merkins. Sprint to mid field/center field for 32 Count left hand forward staggered Merkins followed by one more sprint to opposite foul line for a 32 Count (whatever AFLAC called- 16 each side)

The Thang 2

As Jackalope so proudly proclaimed, Bayside’s team took first place in last year Rugby championship and commented on how fast Bayside can run and how he was in the best shape out of everyone and he owed it all to F3!  With that said next we did the following: Lined up at home plate.  Get in single file line and sprint around bases (3 Rounds). FIRST ROUND was the ‘Bayside Chase for $5’ NOTE: Bayside won $20. People better PAY UP!  Second and Third rounds were laps around the bases with Spandex and Moonshine leading the way around the bases.

Next up over to the right field  foul line and partner up. Partner 1 performs partner carry over to the left field foul line.  Once there, Partner 1 assumes plank position while Partner 2 performs 32 dry dock derkins.  Partner 2 then carries Partner 1 back to right field foul line and then 32 dry docks for Partner 1 while Partner 2 is in plank position.

The Thang 3

After fun on the diamond, a Mosey to Wall/Playground followed. Once there it was time for a round of 11’s. (Monkey Humpers and Hand Stand push ups against the wall/BTTW Style). Run across bridge for Monkey humpers then back to the wall for hand stand push ups (started with 10 hand stand push ups to 1 money humper.

Finally a Mosey back to flag and finish with a few rounds of Mary. BAYSIDE took us home with a round of 32 freddy mercury’s.


Praise for a solid VQ from Jackalope!   Well done.

Prayers for a smooth upcoming surgery for Flo.   Good to see him out at The Rubicon.  Also good to see T.O. and Dosido.  Prayers for Spandex’s neighbor who will be going through surgery.

Announcements: Macon launch coming up over the next 3 Saturdays.  May 19th initial launch.  See TO for details.  Also get your Gladiator pre-order T-shirts – on sale now in support of the launch of the East Roswell A.O.!

And now a special word from Jackalope: “Good work, TEAM- and thanks to all Wreck Peeps who represented and showed support for my VQ. Props to Moonshine for Moseying on out” (as he got me involved with F3 a year ago).

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