Fubar Flag

AO: Big Creek

When: 05/15/2018

QIC: The Body

PAX (): Swiper, Law Dog, Chief, 4-10, Snake, Wiz

Fubar Flag


We had a special guest this morning, Law Dawg, to pass down sanctions on Swiper for his irresponsible handling of the flag at the Zoo this weekend. More of that to come. We also had a Cotter with 4-10 making his return.

Let’s wait for Darth, he said he was going to show……………………………………………………………

Let’s Mosey….

15 – Side Straddle Hop IC

15 – copperhead squats

15 – Hillbillies IC

Accelerating run up Kill-A-Manjaro, slow mosey to the tennis courts


The Thang

-Dora 1,2,3

100 Mericans, 200 Squats, 300 LBC

Partner A runs around both courts and does two Burpees at the start and switch.

Partner B starts accumulative count of Dora

Plank until the 6 is in.


Lunge walk with an Overhead clap the width of the two courts and back.

Bear crawl/crawl bear the width of two courts and back.

Air chair until the 6 is in.


Mosey to the field

Partner planks an dip

Partner A planks, Partner B does 15 dips

Rinse and repeat x2


Mosey to the Guard rails

Partner Racoon Crawls

Partner A racoon crawls have the length of the guard rail

Partner B does Monkey Humpers until Partner A reached the End.

Partner B racoon crawls have the length of the guard rail

Partner A does Monkey Humpers until Partner B reached the End.


Indian Run to the Flag and a quick Mary.


15 – Rosalitas

10 – Swimmers


Count-orama, Name-orama, and COT

Law Dawg handed down the punishment for Swipers Q infraction and presented him with the FUBAR Flag. This one is worse than Homboy’s I believe. See twitter for visuals.






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