AO: The Firehouse

When: 05/16/2018

QIC: Wham-O

PAX (): Fudd, Reuben, Howser, Skynyrd, Dash, Baker, Beans, Wham-O

8 PAX defeated the fartsack this morning to make it the Firehouse for a Big KRIT inspired beatdown by YHC. Big KRITs album 4eva is a Mighty Long Time is one of the Bitter Southerner’s best albums of 2017, and lives up to the hype. One of his songs is, You’ve got to get up to Come Down, so that was the idea behind today’s beatdown. YHC felt the magnetism of the fartsack the night prior as he was settling down after a long day, so to accelerate my own life I jumped on the Water Cooler and found myself a place to Q! That way I had to show up, and coincidentally, I found muscles in the exercises I didn’t know existed…

15 SSH
15 Weed Pickers
Sun gods OYO
15 Imperial Walkers

The Thang
Mosey to the coupon pile at the bottom of the long hill and choose a coupon based on how you feel. Do five curls, and head up the hill holding your coupon over your head. At each rock pile we increased by five reps until we reached the top. Total reps with the six piles, 105. Got to get up…
To come down…exercise switched to skull crushers as we got back to the pile at the bottom of the hill. YHC had a hard time keeping that coupon over my head the whole time.

Trade out your coupon for an even bigger one, and find a partner for some modified DORA.
Each partner starts with 50 overhead presses, then partner count 100 Goblet Squats and 150 Rows while one partner ran a loop.

Some Mary of LBCs and Flutters happened as we waited on the six.

Form a quick line and Indian Run to the flag which was the starting point for leg burner 11s. Bulgarian Split squats on the benches up top of the hill, Skater squats at the bottom. The better your form for these exercises the more they hurt. The PAX also discovered that there are muscles on our hips that apparently have never been used before. Front runners made it to 8 and 3 before 6:15 hit.

For stats nerds: 2.16 miles traveled. Total active time (which is always my favorite stat because it shows how much rest we get during beatdowns): 44:55 (boom). Do something for five seconds today to get your full money’s worth.

Name O Rama and COT
5-19 challenge starting at 11am at Jekyll Brewing on Saturday, bring your own ruck.
Prayer, and Dash even had lids for Coffeeteria to Go! With the picnic basket, real mugs, and to-go cups…Dash is waaaaay ahead when it comes to coffeeteria.

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