Monday Morning Heat Grinder

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/14/2018

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (): Boomer, Sunshine, Ralphie, Piggy, Sneakers, El Matador, Scrooge, Simba, Jimbo, Nacho Libre, Khakis, Ponyboy, Moonshine, Ha-Ha, Saint2O

It was a hot and gloomy Monday morning…

Since YHC grabbed the Q late the night before, I didn’t really do much planning, but had a few ideas in mind. When the PAX assembled in the gloom, not only did we have an odd number, we had a multiple of 3. Everyone knows that means a Grinder day, and very appropriate for a Monday.  One goal I had was to get in my 162 Merkins for the May Challenge.

Mosey around the parking lot, with some side shuffling along the way.
Then the following, all IC:

The Thang
Head to the parking lot behind Hurricanes, and partner up. BTTW and merkins for 3 sets of 20 in the following rotation of merkins: regular, aerkins, derkins.

Head to the church parking lot, and get in groups of 3 for a grinder! Two PAX get on either side of the parking lot with the third running in between. When you get to there, switch and take over that exercise. Three rounds of three exercises each:

Merkins and Monkey Humpers
LBCs and Squats
BBSs and Star Jumps

Double-line indian run back to the parking lot near Hurricanes for one round of ATM: Alternating shoulder taps, Tempo merkins, Merkins. One round of 10 each.

Then some Leiutenant Dan: 1 squat, 4 lunge walks increasing up to 5 squats and 20 lunge walks. Then mosey back to where the flag would be.

5 MoM
We had some time to go around and call some exercises. We got through these:

Dying Cockroach
Flutter LBCs
[something I can’t remember]
Flutter Kicks

Prayers for those hit by allergies and minor illnesses
Those interested in 3rd F for Puerto Rico contact Ha-Ha

Thanks to Ha-Ha for the refreshments which led to some nice catching up between those who had time to stay a bit.

Honored to lead today, great work, all!


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