The Paragon Potluck Tour

AO: The Paragon

When: 05/10/2018

QIC: Spaceballs

PAX (): Ricky Bobby, Manning, Smurfette, Fleetwood, Nomad, Dorothy, Bartman, Kiffin, Cuban, Mickey, Tebow, Hombre, Legionaire, Westside, Spanx

After a little foreplay to confirm some paths were open around the AO, the men of the Paragon met for a potluck tour of some of our under visited obstacles.

Warm O Rama

Mosey to a nearby lot for :

SSH, Weed Pickers, Finkle Swings, Windmills

The Thang

Mosey to the elementary school Bus lanes. OYO-alternating 10 Carolina Drydocks in lane 10 back to lane 1 and 10 Stargazer Squats lane 9 back to lane 1.  Rinse and repeat all the way down to lane 1. Wait on the 6

Mosey to the sports complex parking lot.  Route 66 w/Merkins for 4 light poles out and back to the start. 72 Merkins total. Wait on the 6

Mosey through the field gate and around the sidewalk.  Balls to the wall as long as possible followed by AMRAP wall jumps until the 6 gets 10. Wait on the 6

Mosey to the tennis court stairs.  Partner up  Partner 1 does AMRAP Burpees.  Partner 2 runs a lap on the stairs.  Switch. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Wait on the 6

Mosey to Sequoyah HS bus lanes.  Partner up. Catch me if you can around the island w/ 10 squats.  Wait on the 6

Form 2 lines for an indian run up the Dean Rusk Driveway.  At the top of the hill, mosey back to the flag

But wait! 1 more Thang-sprint from the edge of the driveway to the flag


Legionaire closed us out with flutter kicks.


Spanx shared his progress.  Prayers for Kiffin and his wife.  Thoughts on Faith and each PAX shared something they have Faith in.


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