35 Hattrick

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/11/2018

QIC: Hattrick

PAX (): Fun Run, Nacho Libre, Double D, Hoosier, Aflac, Ariel, Smackdown, Rusty, Fondue Guy, Big Wheel, Goat, MadDog, Turbin, Doogie, Crablegs, Virginia Slim, Bronco, Sprocket, Circus, Squeegee, Cheesesteak, I-beam

A great spring morning at The Wreck today for a Hattrick Bday Q (35!) , the PAX numbers began to swell knowing the May Challenge Points are adding up before our eyes and as 0530 hit we circle up around the equipment.

Warm Up

35 SSHs IC, Imperial Walker, 20 Windmills IC, 20 Merkins IC (slow count)

The Thang:

Mosie to the railing between the baseball field and the school.  Hands and feet on  either side of the rail making the way up the sidewalk.  Mosie around the top and down stairs finding a spot on the wall.

20 dips and 20 derkins, American Hammers for the 6

Mosie the turf field.  As frisbee is tossed (4x), sprint towards the frisbee and stop once it lands.  Perform exercise that is announced all the way to frisbee: lunges; bear crawl, broad jump and inchworm

Four Corners, ascending exercise: 10 merkins, 20 big boy sit ups, 30 monkey humpers, 40 JLos

Mosie to concrete steps next to turf field. 10 box jumps/10 dips, 9 box jumps/9dips – descending down to 1 of each. Plank for the 6

Mosie around the back end of the complex to the pond and up the wooden stairs; 5 calf raises each stair.  Freddie Mercury for the 6.

Mosie to the flag for Mary: Flutter Kicks, Peter Parker, T-Bombs, Freddie Mercury.


Welcoming FNG – Cheesesteak to The Wreck, hope to see you back!

Reminder about the May Points Challenge. Lets keep this up and get some VQs over the next few weeks! Turbin donating to Camp Grace, $100 for each PAX completing Hell Week (6 posts).

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