10 PAX Run or Die

AO: Hoppy Like

When: 05/11/2018

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Clyde, Lumberg, Cookie, Scar, Crack, El Matador, Miller Time, Mayhem, Lowes, Ha-ha

Beautiful cool spring weather at Hoppy Like this morning. As I pulling into the parking space, several PAX were already there and gathered for the run. But they continued to roll in as the AO Challenge continues to bring out the PAX for the bonus workouts.

As the 0530 rolled around we took off for an out and back on Milton Ave./Mid-Broadwell with everyone turning around and returning at 0552. We settled quickly into two running groups this morning.  YHC ran with the rabbit group of Clyde, Lumberg, Cookie and myself.  The Gazelle group just in front of us consisted of Miller Time, El Matador, Lowes, Mayhem, Scar and Crack. I can’t tell you if they stayed together the whole route but the rabbits put down 2.5 miles at the turn for a total of 5 miles while the GPS wearing PAX of the Gazelles put down 2.85 miles at the turn for a total of 5.7 miles.

I can report that Peanut Hill is still there. It’s not getting shorter but I seem to be getting up it faster… or maybe I just blacked out and woke up at the top.

Good to have Cookie out for his maiden trip at the Hoppy Like. And good to see Crack out and running with the boys.


Meeting for the Puerto Rico trip coming up week of 5/21.  Trip either week of August 20 or 27. See pre-blast for details: F3 Alpha Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery Trip Pre-blast

F3 Macon coming 5/19.

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