Bleacher Creatures Unite!!!

AO: The Firehouse

When: 05/10/2018

QIC: Skynyrd

PAX (): Baker, Beans, Dash, Fudd, Skynyrd, Reuben


Warm Up:

Mosey around the parking lot, ¾ of a lap. Marching orders were given as all Pax traversed the parking lot shoulder to shoulder completing, Russians, Quad Pulls, Feel Goods, High Knee to Hammies. We followed the stretch with some agilities in the form of High Knees, Butt Kicks, Power Skips, and High Knee Karaoke.

The Thang:

Bleacher Creatures unite! Dating myself here by reminding all that the original Bleacher Creature was one of the Braves’ old mascots. Kind of an odd green yeti looking character.

Any self-respecting Bleacher Creature knows to build the bod and bust the bulge with challenging chest, arm, and ab exercises. Pax moved to the first set of bleachers and completed Merkins, Bench Dips and IN and Outs in counts of 7, 14, and 21. (Reference to scoring in football there.)

A short mosey to the next set of bleachers found the BC’s enjoying Derkins, Bench Dips, and Bicycles in counts of 7, 14, and 21.

Another mosey to the third set of bleachers and sets of Pike Presses, Bench Dips, and American Hammers.

Now that all were feeling svelte, we headed onto the field where we performed a 4-corners routine including 10 Star Jumps, a jog down the sideline, 20 BB Sit Ups, a backwards jog across the end line, 30 lunges, followed by another sideline jog, 40 LBCs, and a backwards jog finale.

A short recovery and ten count led to another round of four corners in the same manner as before including 10 Burpees, 20 BB Sit Ups, 30 Mountain Climbers, and 40 LBC’s.

Feeling thrifty, Pax visited the coupon pile and selected two moderately sized coupons for sets of Arm Circles, 21s, Fly Row Presses, and Skull Crushers. Newly named Baker, our resident Cowboy, chose slightly large coupons and learned a valuable lesson in only his second outing.


15 Crab Cakes, 20 J-Los (Reuben’s fave), 15 Freddy Mercuries (Beans), 10 Box Cutter’s (Fudd)


Reuben clarified the Pax on the basic makeup of the Q and encouraged all to assume a role in future workouts.

Prayers were offered for the growth of the AO and for Dash’s job search.

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