AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/10/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Sunshine, Flo, Bo Knows, Crack, Pit Stop, Foghorn, Goat, Turbine, Pellets, Swingline, Nacho, Cookie, DC2, Scrooge, Spandex, Scar, Mayhem, Lumbergh, Miller Time, Special K, Zima, Lowes, Kruger

A couple weeks ago I was watching TV with a glass of bourbon one evening and stumbled on to the movie “300” playing on one of the channels. As so often happens when sipping on bourbon, inspiration struck. 300 would make for a great beatdown. And so off we go …

24 PAX answered the call in the gloom to stand together against the threat of complacency. Our mission – 300 reps each of merkins, squats and sit-ups/LBCs. After disclaimer, we took off past the pool to the planters. Kicked things off with a quick warmup off windmills and imperial walkers.

The Thang

We started our trek to 300 with an OYO round of 20 each derkins, step-ups and sit-ups. Rinse and repeat with irkens, squats and sit-ups.  Repeat once more with the original exercises.  Running rep tally is 60 of each.  At this point I must stop and apologize to Sunshine for my rudeness in cutting through his story midway to move the group on.

Next up we headed to the track where the park builders had conveniently placed 6 lamp posts spaced out around the track.  So we did three laps around the track stopping at each lamp post for 20 reps of exercise.  First lap was merkins, second was squats and third was LBCs.  One more lap around with 10 merkins at each lamp.  Once all were gathered back at the start, we did 15 IC 4-count squats and LBC’s (30 reps each).  Moseyed back to the planters for another round of 15 IC 4-count squats and LBCs.  Running rep tally is 240 of each.  A couple PAX tried convincing that we had hit our 300 count (jokingly), but remember we are on a mission stand AGAINST complacency … NOT give in to the easy.

Time was short, so we had to think fast to get 60 more reps in some form of organized fashion.  And behold, the parking lot ahead conveniently had 6 division points.  Problem solved.  Run down the parking lot stopping at each divider plus the end to perform 10 reps each of merkins, squats and sit-ups to round out our total of 300 reps each exercise.  Had to call it at 1 minute past the 45 mark.  Most PAX were complete or close to it.  Great work by all.

COT / Moleskin

Prayers for a friend undergoing back surgery.
Prayers for a grandmother in hospice care and our brother and is family.
Prayers for a grandmother in the hospital from a head injury.
Prayers for our M’s and the Moms out there that they would have a good Mother’s day and feel the respect and appreciation they deserve.

Great to see some faces out again that we haven’t seen in a while.  Keep posting.

Devito out.

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