Partner Up

AO: Candy Creek

When: 05/09/2018

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Moonshine, Saint 2.0, JR, Mulligan, Nacho Libre, Ha Ha, Cosmic Bandito, IHOP, Scar, Madoff, Greenhouse, Disco (FNG), Cookie

13 PAX hit the gloom at Candy Creek on a beautiful spring morning.  YHC humbled to lead again.  Here is what went down.

-Quick mosey around the parking lot, ending back up in the cul-de-sac for SSH, Weedpicker & Windmill
-Mosey back toward pavilion, gather around for a fun Circle Burp (PAX does high knees until 1 PAX yells down for a burpee, make your way around circle)
-Mosey to the top of the stairs for some more fun

-Reverse Indian Run around walking trail
-double stack, two men at back turn around and sprint around trail, catching PAX and falling into the front of the line
-2 PAX at front call arm and leg exercises such as circles, air press, bear crawl, lunge, etc

-Partner up for 11’s at the stairway to heaven (big ass steps)
-Start with 10 merkins at the bottom, partner carry halfway up steps, switch
-1 American Hammer at the top, 4 count cadence
-Mary for the six

-Mosey back down the steps to the pavilion
-1 set of Dips, Step-Ups & Derkins
-Head back to the flag for 5 MOM – which included Freddie Mercury, Dying Cockroach, Merkins, Buzzsaw and 2 rounds of LBC

Several prayer requests were spoken.  YHC took us out on prayer, mentioning  how fortunate we are to have Partnered Up with No Longer Bound.  We have built an amazing bond with these men and I feel like the sentiment is mutual.   All of us have something big in common:  a strong need for a group like F3.

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