Minor Pain

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/09/2018

QIC: 7-up

PAX (): Nature Boy, I-Beam, Smackdown, Hattrick, Aflac, Ariel, Bronco, Mad Dog, Zeema, Crab Legs, Fondue Guy, Greasemonkey, Bear, Sprocket, Goat, Rusty, Squeege, Polaroid, Lowes, Circus, Dougie, Thumper, Gilmore, Cardinal, Fun Run, Hoosier

Everyone decided to come out and celebrate The Wrecks first Pre-18 VQ. After taking the winter off, I was a little hesitant to Q, but Thumper signed me up while I fart sacked on Monday… I knew our AO needed the points, so I took one for the team.

Mosey to first parking lot and broad jumped to the other side.
Then lunge stepped to the Big @$$ Hill.

The Thang
Simple 7’s at the hill. One BBS at the top and 6 jump squats on the bottom. Bernie Sanders back up and repeat.
Once simple 7’s were complete, PAX thought it was going to be a leg workout, but they were wrong.

High Knees to the football field and began the Bear Crawl Ring of Fire.
Everyone bear crawled to their right and Q stopped them about half way through after his father (Thumper) kept telling him to not go all the way around. (Pretty sure Thumper just wanted a break.)
Once everyone stopped, everyone went around the circle doing 10 release merkins.
Went another half circle and repeated with the 10 release merkins.
Bear Crawled another 10 feet just to remind the PAX that the QIC still had a lot in the tank.
Led Pax in Captain Thor’s. (1:4 ratio of BBS to American Hammers
Got to about 6:24 before QIC decided to save face before his abs gave out.

Mosey to the playground and ran three groups until 6:10. 10 pull ups, 10 decline pushups, 20 sumo squats. repeat until YHC said enough.

Mosey back to flag and QIC delegated exercises to Aflac, Thumper, I-Beam, and Mad Dog.

Thanks to all the PAX who showed up for the legendary first Pre-18 VQ. We had four FNGs! Special welcome to Gilmore (Brad Lipsy), Cardinal (John Rockwell), Fun Run (Mike Channler), Hoosier (Bill Hobin) for showing up.

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