AO: The Kodiak

When: 05/09/2018

QIC: Harp

PAX (): Babyface, Dory, Swisher, Voodoo, Woody, Banjo, Cricket, Aqua Man, Legionnaire, Thumper

Another fine morning at The Kodiak and ironically 11 PAX entered the gloom for a beat down with YHC.  With pending field renovations, this was our last opportunity to play in the stadim before it’s closed for the summer to install a turf field.  We took advantage and this is what went down:


Mosey to the stadium football field and circled up for:

SSH x 20

Weed Pickers x 12

Imperial Walkers x 12

Bear Hugs and Arm Throws x OYO

The Thang

11’s Across the Football Field

Run the width of field and perform 10 Hand Release Merkins and run back across field to perform 1 Flutter Kick (3=1).  Then, run back across the field and perform 9 HRM and run back to perform 2 Flutter Kicks.  Keep going until 1 HRM and 9 Flutter Kicks…always totaling 11.

11’s on Kodiak Mountain

Climb stadium stairs and perform 10 Squats at the top and back down for 1 Dip.  Then, climb back to the top and perform 9 Squats then back down for 2 Dips.  Keep going until 1 Squat at the top and 10 Dips at the bottom…always totaling 11.

11’s Sprints

Lay on stomach at the 40 yard line and sprint to goal line on command.  Then, walk back to the 40 yard line…rinse and repeat for 11 total sprints.

Ring of Fire

The PAX formed a circle and each performed an 11 count of Merkins while the other PAX held various forms of Planks.  We rotated in a clockwise direction until all had a chance to perform the Merkins.

Indian Run / Mary

We then completed one last Indian Run around the track to close down the stadium for the summer and moseyed back to The Flag for some Mary:

Box Cutters x 20

Flutter Kicks x 50

Heel Taps x 20


Contact Aqua Man for 5.19 Run/Ruck for our military

New AO Launch at The Playground this Friday 5/11 with Misty’s Q

Prayers for Swisher’s buddy Kennan who suffered a severe leg injury, safe travels for Voodoo and his son’s school trip, and safe travels for Cricket’s family while traveling on Mother’s Day Weekend.




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