AO: The Kodiak

When: 05/07/2018

QIC: Floppy

PAX (): Voodoo, Crowbar, Banjo, Woody, Mickey, Chitwood, Westside, Harp, Misty, Thumper, Swisher, Cricket, Legionnaire

A contingent of our vastly growing Pax headed off to the Hurt Locker for a bit of expansion beatdown. That left us with a Pax of 14 strong meeting at the Kodiak on a beautiful, clear NOT RAINY, warm NOT FREEZING Monday morning. Perfect number to get to know a few guys a little better, challenge each other, and a nice EVEN number for a partner workout. YHC hasn’t seen this group of men without hoodies and sweatpants. Maybe it was better that way? Hate to imagine what the summer will be like.


20x Side Straddle Hops

20x Imperial Walkers

20x Windmills

OYO Sun Gods

Thang 1: B.O.M.B.S. on the Kodiak Walk

Time to Partner Up!

Partner 1: Perform the exercise OYO, keep count

Partner 2: Run around Kodiak Walk

When Partner 2 gets back, pick up the count where Partner 1 left off.

50 Burpees

100 Overheads >>> naaa we prefer SSH

150 Merkins

200 BBSUs

250 Squats

A little Mary at the end while we waited on the Six. 28 Flutter kicks, no more no less.

Side note: Running around the parking lot is apparently a bit easier before doing seventy something squats.

Thang 2: Bearpees

I think one too many laps around the Kodiak Walk made YHC loco. Just for giggles we moved on to a really fun exercise called Bearpees. We went all the way down the sidewalk doing 1:4 ratio Burpee to Bearcrawl. Thought it would never end. Planned to do more but that there is a long ways to crawl. After a bit of mumble chatter, we went for the waaaaay easier crabwalk on the way back? Not easier. After losing feeling in triceps and elbows, Cricket was man enough to finish and save the rest of us for mosey back to the CoT.

6 MoM:

Various Mary as called out in cadence by the Pax including Box Cutters, Dying Cockroach, Crunchy Frog, Jenny Lopez (Lawdog would be so proud).




  • Fun time at the Braves game yesterday, it was great to meet & greet a few Pax from other areas
  • Friday inaugural beatdown at the Playground (Union Hill side)
  • Please continue to pray for Homeboy’s dad

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