VE Day at The Rubicon

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/08/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Mayhem, Devito, Spandex, Scar, Jackalope, bayside, Cookie, MillerTime, Special K, lundberg, Flo, Zohan, Pellets, ha-ha, Turbine, Goat,Lowe’s, nacho, pitstop Zima

Today’s beatdown was inspired by what happened this day in history May 8, 1945.  Victory in Europe (VE day) was proclaimed as Allied Forces announced victory over Nazi Germany.  So, within today’s exercises counts, the numbers 50 and 13 (Stars & Stripes on American Flag) were sprinkled throughout.


We began with a mosey to the east side of the park.  Warm up was brief:  SSH, Weedpickers, then Hillbillies.

The Thang 

To begin, we headed to the far east side wall of the park up for a balls-to-the walls partner exercise.  Partner 1 held B2W for 50 seconds.  Partner 2 did as many burpees as possible.  Flapjack and then rinse and repeat for a total of two rounds.

The Thang II

Next, over to the small track for Dora 1,2,3 (150, 250, 350)

Partner one did exercises of: 150 merkins, 250 LBC’s, 350 Squats while Partner 2 ran around the track until 150 merkins were complete, and ran the length of the infield for while LBC’s and Squats were completed.  After Dora was complete a few rounds of Mary commenced and then on to lunge walks across the infield heading west towards the baseball fields.   Once at the edge of the track we started on a mosey west to the planters.

The Thang III

Once at the planters, I introduced a twist on an old favorite exercise.  I called it the Derkin Dry Dock – aka decline dry dock.  Rep count was 13 OYO.  Next, was the step up 13 count single leg OYO, followed by 13 dips in cadence.  Rinse and repeat for a total of two rounds.  Once both rounds were complete, PAX lined up in Indian run formation and proceeded on a run to the flag.

Once at the flag what would a Zima Q be WITHOUT J-LO!  13 count J-Lo followed by elbow planks to finish out the beatdown


Praise to Zohan for stepping up and taking the Q at Widowmaker last Saturday.  Reminder to add your name to the Q sign up sheet.  Don’t be afraid of a VQ, there are plenty of guys to pick you up AND don’t forget you can access the Q sheet directly from f3alpha site!  #noexcusesplaylikeachampion

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