The Hurt Locker Now open for Monday Beatdowns!!! – 5/7

AO: The Hurt Locker

When: 05/07/2018

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Yogi, The Mole, Bloodhound, & Dori

With the continuous problematic numbers of the Monday Kodiak beatdowns, it was clear that we needed to open up a new spot for men to workout.  What better place than the underutilized Hurt Locker. No that’s not a knock at Bloodhound or Legionnaire as they both have allow us to explore many areas of that park, especially last Saturday’s mission.  But a park with so much potential only hosting 1 beatdown a week is a crime, even Law Dog could win that case.  So to solve 2 problems (overcrowding of The Kodiak and under utilization) we have opened The Hurt Locker for Monday beatdowns.  Though not very well lit until the lights kick on at 6am, this park has plenty of opportunity to live up to its name.


YHC took the PAX of 5 on a quick mosey to familiarize the group with the small track they would be running then brought the group back to the Board of Pain.

The Thang

Any beatdown that starts with 100 burpees is sure to make the mumble chatter sparse, and it did its job yet again.  YHC will say that an emphasis was placed on form, no this is not the Clinic, but it was much easier to hold each other accountable for the burpees & merkins with the smaller group.  No one could hide form the form police today. So although we may not have made it as far as we have in the past down the board, I can assure that the quality of work was at a higher standard.  Quality over Quantity.

We called it right at 5:15 as Dori made it back around came in close for




  • We will also be launching a Friday beatdown this week at The Playground, Misty with the Q
  • A great time was had by all yesterday at the F3Dads braves game, looking forward to more fun to come this summer.
  • Family Fun Fitness night tonight from 6-8pm at Macedonia Elementary School.  Going to to EHing hard tonight to pull all the sadclowns that we can.
  • TClaps to the other 4 men on their effort today and not slacking on the form.

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