Mickey’s Magic Kingdom

AO: The Kodiak

When: 05/02/2018

QIC: Mickey

PAX (): Misty, Legionnaire , Babyface, C4, Lawdog, Banjo, Thumper, Hombre, Whamo, Voodoo, Harp, Westside, Wiz, Titlemax, Woody, Cricket, Yogi, Aquaman

Warm up

               –      Mosey the parking lot

–        The Windmill in cadence – 20 Reps

Side Straddle Hop – 21’s (21 Reps)

–         Sun Gods                                                       Chinooks (over the head)


“the more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique’

                                                                                                                        Walt Disney

Everyone likes a good theme park and in honor of the QIC’s name and owning it like most do, the world of Walt Disney was our this morning at the Kodiak.

Mickey’s 1st Q interjected a few fun facts about this said “Magical Place” – #1 Attraction at WDW is Pirates of the Caribbean, Walt Disney fired more people than he hired, and there are 48 attractions at the Magic Kingdom. The Thang looked like a great workout on paper and it was! The mumblechatter quickly ended and turned into mostly silence with the occasional comment about Peter Pan’s Flight or “Yo Hohoho a pirates life for me” .  Every Pax stepped up and killed it! Yes that was 234 Merkins and 210 LBCs in about 15 mins.

The Thang

  • Black Jacks (Pirates of the Caribbean)
    • 2 designated spots in a parking lot. Perform 1 Merkin – run to other sideline – perform 20 LBCs. Run back and do 2 Merkins. Run back for 19 LBCs. Repeat until you do 20 Merkins and 1 LBC, running between the cones. Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK!
    • Once finished waiting on 6 – Air Chair
    • 10 Count!
  • Johnny Cash – burning ring of “FIRE” (circle up, then on your 6 and hold 6”) with “Play it cool”
    • Circle up in plank position or on your 6 for ab exercises. PAX hold 6” while one man does 5 Surfees. When he finishes the next man does reps until all in circle have done it. “It burns, burns, burns, that Ring of Fire”
    • Play it Cool – Anytime some sees a car drive by, they shout “Play it cool!” and you stop what you’re doing and hold a squat while pretending to read the paper. Once the car leaves, you resume what you were doing.
  • Derkin (declined Merkin) w/ Squat – (There are 48 attractions at the Magic Kingdom)

o   Find a partner as close to body size as you can

o   12 Merkins/ 12 Squats SWITCH 12 Merkins / 12 Sqauts – Total # of 48

  • Flutter Kicks in cadence (65 reps, Walt Disney Died at the age 65…)
  • American Hammers – 20 Reps
  • Superman – 10 Reps


  • 2-3 more opening for the BlueRidge AR. Contact Hombre if interested.
  • Babyface has you Braves ticket if you’re going
  • More new beatdowns! – Hurtlocker on Mondays, Playground adds a Friday, and Stoneclad on Thursdays

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