“Nobody owes nobody nothing!”

AO: The Firehouse

When: 05/01/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Beans, Dash, Fud, Houser, Skynyrd, Reuben

Prepare to be amazed and sit back and enjoy the show! There were 6 PAX total to enjoy this YHC’s circus of pain.  I had many ideas for today like every Q, but it’s just hard to fit everything in such a short amount of time. Regardless, we got the work in that we needed.  Here’s how it went.

Mosey around the bin and down the hill…..then reverse back up the hill just to make things fun and back down again.


SSH x15 (IC)

Windmill x 15 (IC)

Hillbilly x 15 (IC)

New exercise I call the “Phelps” (promotes good posture. Swing your arms while in bent position out to side and back. Imagine Michael Phelps on the starting block) x 10 (IC)

Circle of Merkins- each HIM did 10 merkins while PAX holds plank. Walk the plank to the right for for 10 merkins in cadence together.

The Thang

Quick Mosey to the playground for a workout inspired by everyone’s favorite movie- “Rocky.” We tried to take excercises that Rock used in the first 4 movies with some modifications.  All excercises were AMRAP with 5 total stations at 1 minute each.

1. Abyss Merkins

2. Inverted rows

3. Pull-ups

4. Ab rollout on swings

5. Balboas

Head over to coupon pile and partner up for generous sized coupons:

-Coupon toss- back-to-back x 20 reps- rinse and repeat w/ reverse direction.

-Dragon flag-p1 holds ankles of p2 while p2 pushes down legs of p1. We did 20 reps each and then rinsed and repeat for 30 reps.

Mosey back towards flag and the stone columns for a modified Dora. With partner, rotate between balls to the wall and merkins (Total of 40 between both). This one inflicted pain on the PAX and YHC with a little merlot possibly spilt.


No rest for the weary.  We performed a Captain Thor routine (1:4 ratio with BBS and Russian hammers-all the way to a 10:40 ratio). Ouch!!


6 PAX total and all present were excited about the first of the month of May and exciting things to come in F3 nation!

Reminded PAX to stay in tune with the present and not look towards the future, but trust our Creator and His will. Verse to focus on was James 1:2-3- Consider it pure joy when you face trials…..testing of your faith brings perseverance.

Prayers for Dash and job transition. (It was great to be able to lay hands on our brother in prayer this morning).

Reuben’s friend Alex and adoption.

Praise for Houser and scholarships coming in for School.

Reuben out.



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