May 2018 AO Challenge

It is May and time for our annual AO challenge. The pinnacle of F3Alpha competitions where the victor AO gets to…  well be the winner and hold a meaningless title for a whole year!



In an attempt to make it fair to large and small AOs we have the following rules this year:

  1. Points are awarded based on your AO’s average beatdown attendance for April.  We will count the AO’s with multiple meetings per week.  AOs like WidowMaker, Stoneclad, Hoppy Like that meet only once a week are opportunities to boost your post counts for your home AO.
  2. One point for each FNG to post to your AO. If the FNG is EHed by a PAX from another AO AND that PAX post to the other AO with the FNG then both AOs get a point.
  3. One point for each VQ in May to the hosting AO
  4. One point for each Kotter that has not posted for 6 months who returns on May
  5. This year each AO will get a point for each 10% increase in average attendance for the month of May over that AO’s April average. Example if AO X has average attendance of 10 per workout in April and attendance averages 15 in May, that is a 50% increase and worth 5 points. If AO Z has average attendance of 4 in April and goes up to 6 that is a 50% increase and worth 5 points.
  6. Each week any PAX who posts more that 3 F3 workouts/runs/rucks gets a point for each one over 3. So Alpha Ruck and WidowMaker would count as 2. Same for the Ruck/Beatdown combos at other AOs.
  7. **One point for each same day Back Blast. This counts for the “competition” AO, not for 1 day “bonus” AOs. (The Playground and Stoneclad do not count this year for same day BB as their numbers are rolled into Kodiak and Paragon due to expansion splits).


The goal is to increase attendance and to drive PAX to EH more people. If we are not growing we are dying!

Let’s continue our push out of Alpharetta toward I-75 and I-85. We have so many opportunities to grow and reach more sad clowns.


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