Better Late than Never???

AO: The Paragon

When: 05/01/2018

QIC: Ricky Bobby

PAX (): Westside, CareBear, Garfield, Katnis, Serena, Titlemax, Thrasher, Tardy, Dory, Papa John, Dandy, Spaceballs, Tebow, Fleetwood, Primo, Kiffin, Cricket, Lawdog, Dosido, Smurfette, Cuban, Legionnaire, Spanx, Manning, Ricky Bobby

Actual footage of QIC, Ricky Bobby, coming in right on time to start the Q.

Great weather for standing around waiting on the QIC to show up.  The Pax started the morning looking around and questioning who was leading today.  Meanwhile QIC was in a scramble searching through boxes to find his workout stuff that the M had packed away for a move.  Then the last minute search for a flag and shovel in case it wasn’t at the AO this AM.

Rolling in right on time to kick the Pax off with a ‘little’ mosey to a bus circle where we circled up for warm-up.


SSH x 15 IC
Cotton Pickers x 12 IC
Mountain Climbers x 14 IC
Michael Phelps – OYO for 30 secs


Mosey’d over to the bottom of the stairs going into what is known as the old Gloom meeting spot.  Circled up at the bottom for the YHC to deliver the first workout of Partner Blimps.  P1 stays at the bottom of stairs and performs exercises while P2 runs to the top and back. When P2 returns, the switch picking up on where where P1 left of in count.  Plank and Mary till 6 was in.

B = Burpees x 25
L= Lunges x 50 (25 each leg)
I = Imperial Walkers x 75
M = Merkins x 100
P = Plank Jacks x 125
S = Squats x 150

Next YHC circled up the Pax for some Jack Webbs.
1:4 ratio of Merkins : Air Press | Count was to 10 merkins and 40 Air presses; totalling to 65 merkins and 220 air presses.

There was still more time to fill so we mosey up the hill and to another bus lane where we circled up, YHC called 3 ab workouts; LBC’s, Big boy sit ups, and American Hammers.  Called upon random Pax to call out the count and cadence.  Then mosy’d to a bench where Pax did 3 sets of 20 dips IC.

Mosey’d back to the flag to finish up with a few Mary to wait on time.


Counted off to find we had 25 strong men gathered.  Which led to discussion of the massive growth F3 is having in Cherokee County and the new AO options currently and in the near future.

Mon & Wed: Kodiak – Creekview
Tues & Thurs: The Paragon – Dean Rusk
Wed: The Playground – Avery
Thurs: Stoneclad – Sequoyah Park
Sat and soon to be Mon: The Hurt Locker – Veterans Park
Mon & Wed: Name TBD – Downtown Woodstock (more details coming soon)
Thurs: NameTBD – Holly Springs Elem (more details coming soon)

YHC reminded us to remember our calling to be great men, great husbands, and very importantly GREAT fathers to our 2.0’s.

Multiple prayer request and praises throughout the Pax.  Continue to be there for one another.  Without each other, we are lonely, struggling men with no support!



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