A Super Morning

AO: Big Creek

When: 05/01/2018

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Snake, Body, Swiper, Whiz, Clyde

Fresh off a viewing of the nerdtastic “Avengers: Infinity Wars”  YHC was eager to get this Q into Action. Inspired for a superhero themed beatdown I quickly found there are not as many superhero exercises as I though on the F3 Lexicon, so I went with what I have and modified as needed.

The Thang,

Quick Mosey halfway to the soccer pavilion for some warm-ups:

15 X SSH
12 X Windmills
20 X SunGods (I had a feeling our shoulders were going to need a warm-up for this beatdown)

Mosey the rest of the way to the front line of this battle with our evil villain ourselves, and complacency:

First up was a new one:

Ultimate Spiderman:  1:4 Iron Spider to 4 Peter Parker up to 10:40
Captain Thor: 1:4 Big Boy Sit-ups/American Hammer up to 10:40
Iron Hulk: 1:4 Merkins/Air Press up to 10:40

Still with time to spare we mosey’d up to the soccer field for 4 corners:

Round 1:

10 X Lt. Dan
20 X Star Lord Jumps
30 X Squat
40 X LBC’s

Round 2:

10 X Wolverine Burpees
20 X Mountain Climbers
30 X Monkey Humpers
40 X Reverse LBC’s

Indian run back to the flag at a record setting pace for Big Creek


20 X Freddie Mercury
15 X Box Cutter
8   X J-Lo to finish at 45:00:00 on the dot.


New AO challenge for the month of May was mentioned and accepted.  With mention of special workout in Darth Visors front yard to get him back out.  If a success other Big Creek Kotters should be on notice!

Prayers for Whiz’s 2.0 and quick recovery from broken arm.

All that attended the 3rd anniversary cookout agreed it was a great time and perfect venue.

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