Birthday BOMBS Beatdown

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/30/2018

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Switch, 7-Up, Thumper, Squeegee, Hat Trick, Turbine, LEGOS, Rooney, Goat, Sprocket, Green Bean, Mad Dog, Rusty, Kyle (FNG aka Big Wheel), Virginia Slim, Bear, AFLAC, Grease Monkey, Ariel

20 Pax showed for a birthday beatdown that they won’t forget.
YHC EH’d LEGOs to visit for the birthday Q.  He marveled at what the park seemed to offer. Too bad he had already seen everything he was going to see.

This beatdown was going to be simple.  32 was the number and the workout would include exercises at a rep count of 32 or a division of in one way or another.

0530 hit and YHC lead a short mosey (walk) 10 yards away. This is where the entire workout will take place.  The first 0.0 of the Wreck.


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Squats

The Thang

Descending BOMBS
Burpees, OH Press, Merkins, BBS & Squats
Starting at the rep count of 32 – the original plan was to decrease each round by 4 reps 32-28-24 etc etc.
After the first round based on time and future plans, YHC audibled to decreasing by 8 reps.

First round 32 Burpees, 32 OH Press, 32 Merkins, 32 BBS & 32 Squats
Plank for the 6 with a 32 IC Flutter Kicks

Second round 24 Burpees, 24 OH Press, 24 Merkins, 24 BBS & 24 Squats
Plank for the 6 with 32 IC Freddy Mercury

Third round 16 Burpees, 16 OH Press, 16 Merkins, 16 BBS & 16 Squats
Plank for the 6 with 32 IC LBCs

Fourth round 8 Burpees, 8 OH Press, 8 Merkins, 8 BBS & 8 Squats
Plank for the 6 with 32 IC American Hammers

With everyone thinking something new was coming, YHC had to bring the misery back and work our way back up to 32 to complete the cycle (my future plans).

Fifth round 16 Burpees, 16 OH Press, 16 Merkins, 16 BBS & 16 Squats

In the interest of time, again, and wanting to get all the way back to 32, no Mary. Plank for the 6 and back to work.

Sixth round 24 reps – Seventh round 32 reps
Plank for the 6 and 33 IC Flutter Kicks – one for next year.

The Wreck has some strong Pax to suffer through that beatdown, especially those that ran 8 miles before the BD and those just joining us – Welcome FNG Big Wheels!


  • The pax of the Wreck are continuing to multiply – be with those new parents and know that it gets easier, then you start adding more and remember why you said the last one was the last one…..
  • YHC’s youngest gets tubes tomorrow. Hopefully this one becomes a praise.
  • Turbine’s sister Kate recently diagnosed with MS.


  • F3 The Gladiator is positioned to launch on Tuesday, June 19th at East Roswell Park.  Lets support Spandex and Scar (AOQs) in a successful launch and spread the word to those you know that live that way.
  • New AOQ for the Wreck is AFLAC. Great leader of the group already!
  • With the warmer weather, lets reach back out to those that we haven’t seen in awhile and let them know that we would love to seen them back out there.
  • We are doing a good job getting FNGs out, but lets step it up a bit, again with the warmer weather it should be easier to convince someone to join us.
  • With the Gladiator AO coming up to the East of us, there is still an opportunity to launch something to the West of us.  I would love someone to step up that lives over that way. Huge residential area just waiting to be tapped.  Let’s go!


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