10K to the South

AO: Fire Swamp

When: 04/30/2018

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Olaf, Ha-ha

It was a beautiful morning at the Fire Swamp. 2 PAX arrived to mosey on the Forsyth Greenway. As we got under way we made the one critical decision we had to make… north or south. South was called so we went south on the greenway this morning.  Both APX had been out a while with illnesses and injuries but both were good this morning as we made good time under GA 400 before the turn around at the 30 minute mark. The heavy rains from last week were gone but the silt on the boardwalk remained to remind us of how high the water can get in a heavy storm.

As we returned to the flag we had covered just over 6 miles in 60 minutes. We had attempted to solve the world’s problems (don’t worry, we left some for the reader) and left better men.

YHC passed the flag to Olaf today as the new site Q of the Fire Swamp. The Swamp is in capable hands.

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