The Cones are Out!

AO: Shadow

When: 04/26/2018

QIC: Seles

PAX (): Poison, Moonshine, Abba, Snake Oil, Fireballs, Fizz, Stripper, Seles

On a delightfully cool morning (hold off that heat & humidity as long as possible!), eight hearty souls gathered for another Seles beatdown – this one of the cone variety!

The Thang

13 Mary Katherines, 13 Sumo Squats, 13 Peter Parkers, 13 Imperial Walkers, 13 Standing Lunges, 13 Side Straddle Hops i.c. Rinse & Repeat

Mosey to Pit of Despair for 11’s:  Jump Ups and Dips

Mosey to Seles stop for Mary: 26 Low Flutter, 26 Heels-to-Heaven, 26 Dying Cockroaches i.c.

Circle the parking lot loop on the north side by alternating 13 broad jumps, 13 lunge walks, 13 crab walks, 13 bear crawls and 13 inch worms.

Mosey back to main parking lot with cones:  Alternate a suicide sprint with a build-a-hand-release burpee (5 squats, 5 squat thrusts, 5 hand release merkins, 5 hand release burpees)  3X

Mary: 13 box cutters and 13 high leg raises i.c. 2X

Mosey to steps and run 5X with arms raised

Back to start for 5 hand release burpees oyo

COT (Fizz took us out, F3 Alpha cookout on Sunday pm; see earlier Manhole email)

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