Catch the Fever!

AO: The Rubicon

When: 04/26/2018

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (): Ha-Ha, Cookie, Scar, Devito, Special K, Spandex, Nacho Libre, Lowes, FNG (Magnolia), , DC2, Jackalope, Isner, Miller Time, Lumberg, Turbin

A healthy PAX of 15 showed up Thursday morning for Mayhem’s VQ.  Despite some mental lapses and one (or two) close call with a ditch, the PAX had my back as I attempted to guide us through the misery that was to come.  In honor of the baseball season kicking into full gear, today was baseball themed! And although there was no strike outs, the there was more than one changes to the lineup.  Best laid plans…

Warm up


SSH X 20

Weed pick X 15

Imperal Walker X 15

The Thang

After a quick warm up we headed to the parking lot next to Peanut hill and performed a very LONG version of Burp Back Mountain.  Partnered up for  100 Team Burpees.  One partner getting friendly with the pavement.  The other running backwards up the hill, forwards forwards down hill, gate to gate.  For once the Burpees weren’t the star of the show, as the Q’s memory of the distance between the gates was off.  While some well deserved ragging of the Q ensued, we all suffered the backwards run together.

Next, it was off to the FoD for a trip down memory lane.  The Q was able to scrounge up a few baseball card at home for a Modified Deck of Death.  Catchers = 20 Squats, Pitchers = 20 Diamond Merkins, Outfielders = 1 Lap, and Infielders hit for they Cycle ( 3 Star jumps at 1st Base, Bear Crawl to 2nd, 6 Star Jumps, and so on until we made it back to 1st base).  Frank Thomas, the Big Hurt himself,  showed up and instructed us to wheel barrow to the warning track and back.  We modified the last Cycle to lunges to make sure the gluets weren’t neglected, then it was back to The Flag for a quick Mary of 20 Freddie Mercuries.


Welcome FNG Magnolia!  Great job today.

Please reach out to Nacho if you’re interested in donating for a No Longer Bound golf sign.  Accepting donations up to May 1st.

F3 3rd Annual Cookout this Sunday

Appreciate everyone’s help on my maiden voyage as Q.  Not as easy as you guys make it look! And thanks to Miller Time for letting me borrow his Disclaimer Winkie.


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