AO: The Kodiak

When: 04/25/2018

QIC: Harp

PAX (): Westside, Babyface, Bloodhound, Legionnaire, Voodoo, Law Dawg, Banjo, TitleMax, Swisher, C4, Aquaman, Misty, Woody, Cricket, Dory, Harp

YHC had his VQ this morning at the Kodak where 16 PAX showed up on a unusually warm and dry morning.  Significant mental preparation had taken place the night before to prepare for the onslaught of harassment that ended up being relatively mild… except for one legal practitioner.  I did feel especially proud that one of our band mates, who plays a Bluegrass stringed instrument, spilled some Merlot that sounded like a little ditty never heard before.



SSH x 20

Weed Picker x 10

Windmills x 10

Bear Hugs OYO

Arm Throws OYO

The Thang

Route 66 with Hand Release – Merkins at each light pole increasing by one for each pole.

Then…a sudden and unsuspected U-Turn back through Route 66 with Burpees at each light pole increasing by one for each pole.

Partnered up for 2 laps of Catch Me If You Can with one partner running backwards around parking lot loop as the other partner performs 5 Bunny Hop Planks and then runs to catch the backwards strolling partner.  Then, performed some Mary while waiting on the six (Crunchy Frogs, LBCs, Flutter Kicks)

With same partner… perform 150 bench squat jumps, 150 overhead air presses, 150 LBCs, and 150 dips.  One partner runs a lap while the other does “the work” and then they switched keeping a running total of exercises completed.  The time snuck-up on YHC as we had to hustle back to The Flag before completion.


A brief mention of the blockbuster 2006 film Rocky Balboa by Law Dawg.  In all seriousness, we all get knocked down sometimes in this game of life but getting up, recalibrating, and reengaging is the way to get back on The Path.

F3 Cookout on Sunday in Alpharetta

5.19 Challenge to support the Armed Forces…hit up Aqua Man for details.

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