IHOP’s Breakfast of Champions

AO: Caney Creek

When: 04/25/2018


PAX (): IHOP, Greehouse, Biebs, JR, Isotope, FNG Early Bird, Nacho Libre, TO, FNG Aubie, Birdhouse, Moonshine, Mulligan, Cosmic Bandito, Pothole, Stay Puft, FNG Dook, Madoff, Ha Ha

YHC posting on behalf of IHOP, who served up a delicious breakfast for all today.  Unfortunately, the menu changed a little; bears, snakes and bats were the substitute for hot pancakes:

A Dream Team of  19 Pax including 3 FNGs assembled in the gloom with clear skies and a perfect 54F temperature.  The clock was a hair before 0515 but the pax were hungry so IHOP led them off to eat.

Warm Up:

Mosey up four flights of stairs and run a couple of laps around the top of the hill.  Back down to the parking lot for:

SSH, Abe Vigodaold man style” (slow pace), Imperial Walkers (opposite knee to elbow with fingers touching behind head)

The Thang, Bears, Snakes & Bats:

Split into two groups by even/odd birth years, with each group starting at opposite handicap parking spots, about 50 feet apart. Bear crawl to opposite HC spot: 15 diamond merkins then rest by doing 3 burpees followed by 20 merkins; bear crawl back to starting point and repeat exercises.  Two laps total.

Next up was Black Snake (Indian Run where last guy weaves way through Pax…1x).  Our fearless Q IHOP took the lead and set a pace only Secretariat could keep up with.  Finally some clydesdales got up front (not many at Caney Creek) and the pace settled in and all pax got to complete the snake run.

Next up was some DORA . The Pax headed to the pavilion. and hung like bats. Bat partner: 30 Pull ups or shoulder up pull ups. Partner air squats until you asked for a bat spot.

IHOP blasted the legs and tris next with 20 count (in cadence) Step ups paired with dips.  Once this was through, the partnered up pax headed over to the steps…

Wheel barrow up stairs with DORA partner; one does two flights. The other does the other two.

The Q knew better than to send those wheel barrows back down and potentially have some face plants resulting in maxiofacial surgeries.  So Bear crawls back down the hill.

Back to the pavilion for Step Ups other leg in cadence and more dips.  Once that was complete the pax headed to the parking lot for LT. Dans, 6 count in cadence.

A solid 7 minutes of Mary closed out the beatdown.  The Q asked an NLB hero to close out the Mary session and call out an exercise for the first time.  The only exercise he could recall was burpee…so we  finished like we started!


19 is a new record for Caney Creek.  We had 13 No Longer Bound (NLB) heroes including two FNGs.  One FNG completed his self introduction with “Roll Tide!” and was promptly named is Aubie.  Roll Tide, a big Auburn fan and recent graduate of NLB who is charter member of Caney Creek, will be launching an F3 chapter in Macon on May 19th at 0700.

Prayers, praises and God Sightings:  Stay Puff praising the financial support of our F3 pax for the NLB Golf Tourney https://nolongerbound.com/golf-tournament/ ; two NLB brothers advancing to the next, very challenging portion of their program.

Show up this Saturday 10 – 2  at the NLB Furniture Store sidewalk sale to see the guys and the amazing work they do (and eat grab some BBQ):   1790 Peachtree Parkway, Cumming GA 30041.

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