Floppy 2Q – 6x200m Burpee-Rama

AO: The Kodiak

When: 04/23/2018

QIC: Floppy

PAX (): Nomad, Dori, Harp, Woody, Cricket, Misty, Legionnaire, Lawdog, Westside, Babyface, and Homeboy

12 brave souls took on the pelting rain for a beatdown a little more challenging than YHC’s VQ. If you ain’t modifying then it ain’t a challenge, right? In spite of the mumble chatter we stuck to the plan. Impressive given the small crew that decided a pre-beatdown run with burpees was a good idea. My favorite part was “Hey! It stopped raining!” followed by yet another shower.

5:30 Mosey full lap around the parking lot. Need a good warmup we gonna be running!


20x Side Straddle Hops

15x Abe Vigodas low & slow!

20x Imperial Walkers

OYO Sun Gods

Hit the Track!

Close end:

20 Burpees

30 Merkins

40 SSH

Run 200 M to the far end

Wait for 6 with armchairs

Far end:

20 Burpees

30 Mountain Climbers

40 Goofballs

Run 200 M to back to close end

Wait for 6 with armchairs

Rinse and Repeat! 3 Laps total. 6×200 meters. YHC was hoping we could fit in 4 Laps, an even mile. Next time! Apparently 120 burpees combined with other beatdown material slows down a 200 meter pace?

Returned to the circle for about 5 min of Mary called out by willing (or unwilling) volunteers. Not a lot of gas left after that one.


I can’t believe I almost forgot Homeboy! Goofball.

– Braves game with 2.0’s coming up in a couple weeks (May 6). Pay Babyface if you haven’t already.

– Family Fitness Night on Thursday.

– Please keep praying for Homeboy’s dad, some decisions on treatment going forward and opportunities for Homeboy to spend some time with him.

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