Dice, Blocks, and Buckets o’ Fun

AO: The Playground

When: 04/25/2018

QIC: The Mole

PAX (): Mickey, Nomad, Dosido, Smurfette, Thrasher, Care Bear, Manning, Manilla, Yokel, Wheezy, Black Sunshine, The Mole

Before the beatdown YHC noticed Sunshine back with us for a second week in a row.  In the last back-blast YHC failed to mention the mumble chatter last week about Sunshine’s name.  Apparently there is another Sunshine in our F3 region, though YHC does not know this PAX.  Our Sunshine at The Playground playfully offered to change his name to “Black Sunshine” joking that anyone who hears that name will likely respond, “Who is Black Sunshine?  I gotta meet this character.”  So, this week in the Name-o-rama Sunshine called out his new F3 name as “Black Sunshine” and there are no objections from YHC.  It is a fitting name (as he is African-American and his personality is very smiley) and it helps prevent duplicate names in our region.

With that piece of business out of the way, here’s how things went down in the gloom…..

Warm up:

Mosey to crosswalk and back
SSH IC (x15)
Weed Pickers IC (x10)
Windmill IC (x10)
Sun Gods OYO

The Thang:

After some pictures on the cooler and some mumble chatter about “buckets o’ fun”, YHC dropped the tailgate on the truck YHC stole from Homeboy (he’ll be lucky if it is returned).  Waiting on the PAX were concrete blocks and buckets o’ fun.

There are two playgrounds at the AO.  One has monkey bars/rings for pull-ups, the other does not.  They both have fences around the perimeter.  Today’s beatdown featured figure 8’s around each playground.  (exercise, lap around playground, exercise….. move to other playground… exercise, lap, exercise)

Each PAX performed 10 pull-ups, carried two concrete blocks around the perimeter of the playground (one each hand to waste those forearms in preparation for our next Spartan Race), and then 15 burpees.

Rotate to the other playground where each PAX performed 20 squats, carried a bucket around the perimeter of the playground (full of rocks….. again, preparation for our next Spartan Race), and then 25 box jumps.

Rotate through all exercises and laps three full rounds.

Upon completion of the three rounds, YHC brought a dice with various exercises written on it.  So we rolled the dice until time for cleanup (carrying all coupons back to YHC newly stolen truck).  Some of the exercises from the dice include (but are not limited to):
25 BBS
25 BBS
15 Merkins
1-minute elbow plank
50 LBC
15 Merkins
25 BBS
25 Merkins
25 Merkins (somewhere in this one the alarm rang signaling time to clean up and head back to the flag)


–Dosido reiterated his post from the water cooler the night before about a patient from work who is going through a really hard time.  Mom given short time to live with brain tumor.  One of their daughters passed away last week after taking something at a party.  Father soon to be widowed and left with two children (ages 18 and 26 if YHC remembers correctly).  Please keep this family in your prayers.
–Black Sunshine and M trying to expand the family with baby #2.  Prayers for successful pregnancy and health.
–Smurfette and Black Sunshine have co-worker who underwent sudden invasive surgery and could be out of commission several weeks.  Prayers for recovery.
–Manning launching new AO in Woodstock in first week of June.  Send names/emails of people to EH in the Woodstock area.

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