The Bears

AO: The FireHouse

When: 04/24/2018

QIC: Huggie Bear

PAX (): Rueben, Dash, Lego, Dory, Fud, Mickey, Beans, Skynard, Huggie Bear

Popped my 1st Q! Weather had called for rain, but that didn’t stop the 9 brave souls for showing up and joining me in a journey heading straight towards bear country.


“Bear Cave”

Warm Up 

•Herding the Kittens

•High Knees

•Butt Kickers

•Over the fence Squats (both sides)

•Karaokes (both sides)


Jog to Stonehenge

Indian Bear Crawl 100ft

Tunnel of Love

Execute this section twice

Air Squats x10

Dancing Bears x10

Walking Lunges x10

Howling Monkeys x10

Roman Chariots (new exercise)

Jog back to parking lot

Burpee Broad Jump

Crab Walk




Prayers for Sad Clowns to join

Prayer for healing injuries

Prayer for baby Alex coming into the country

Praise for Hauser turning 18


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