Fellowship – Jericho Run

AO: Paragon

When: 04/24/2018

QIC: Kiffin

PAX (): Cricket, Manning, Titlemax, Smurfette, Drumstick, Homeboy, FNG Manila, Nomad, Garfield, Law Dog, Spanx, Westside, Legionnaire, Spaceballs, Premo, Goodhands, Papa John's, Yogi, Crowbar, High Tops, Cuban, Hooch, Dosido, Ricky Bobby, The Mole, Tardy, Kiffin

27 HIM’s came out (a few in Orange to show support for the VQ).


Mosey to an empty lot-(after some extra mumble chatter) SSH, Cotton Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Alternating Shoulder Taps

Mosey back to front of Dean Rusk

The Thang

The group was asked to team up with a Veteran / Gazelle Pax and a Newer /  non-Gazelle Pax. Each team then collected one sand baby and place on the sidewalk in front of the school (to be used later).  Each team was to stay together today to encouraging each other.  The exercises selelcted to work together with teammate and promote good form.

“Jericho Run” (Named by Smurfette) – 7 laps around Dean Rusk

10 Merkin Rolls, 5 Patty cake Merkins, and 5 Bropees before each lap.

Easc team was to work together to carry the Sand baby around Dean Rusk on the 7th lap.

Due to time, YHC had to call and audible and shorten the run to 6 laps (Merkin Rolls played a part here) and each team carried the sand baby on the 6th lap.

After run Pax waited on 6 with 3 Amigos

Circle up for Mary: American Hammers, Box Cutter, Bobby Hurley, Peter Parker

Name O Rama-

Welcome Manila!


The word of the day was Fellowship.  We are not meant to journey alone.  The Disciples in Acts dedicated themselves to 4 things Prayer, Reading the Word, Breaking of Bread (Communion) and Fellowship.

Manning smartly advised for all to remember there are a lot of needs within F3 and we need to remember to make ourselves available and reach out and help support our fellow F3 brothers.

New AO in Woodstock coming late May – June


Thanks to Cricket and Homeboy for the assist today

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