A New Twist on BlackJack

AO: Shadow - DHS

When: 04/24/2018

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): SnakeOil, Poison, Moonshine, Greenbean, Ten-Count, Abba, Phish, Hazard

An even crew of 8 HIMs joined YHC for a respite from the watery deluge that the rain gods have offered for the last few days in the ATL. We welcomed back Poison, and Snake Oil popped his War Daddy cherry. (and made it look good).  Ten-Count showed for his 2nd evolution, and did not disappoint.

Warm-A-Rama: (all IC and x15) (Two Rounds). Imperial Walker, Squats, Toy Soldiers, Stone Mountain Push-ups, followed by a 5 minute mosey.

The Thang: Since we aren’t allowed on the field, YHC has adopted the parking lot as my medium.  The new twist was Curb Dips in place of LBCs (as YHC has plenty of Mary for the end). Merkins on the other side. For those keep track at home, that’s 231 Curb Dips and 231 Merkins (well done lads).

Mary: (all IC) LBCs (x30), Flutter-Kicks (x30), Advanced Boat Canoe (x15), Dying Cockroach (x15), Obliques (L/R) (x15 each side), Low-Dolly (x15) Rosalita (x15), LBCs (x10)

Circle Up (all IC and x15) SSH, Sumo Squats (x2) separated by a 90 second plank session

COT – Poison took us out.

Lots of announcements:

Q – we need men HIMs to step up! Our F3 Dunwoody sign up genius for Austin and DHS can be found at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f084eafa928a6fd0-f3atlanta

F3 Macon is launching. Here’s your chance for a 2 hour drive (or less) depending on where you are coming to help plant another F3 flag for our future brothers to the South: https://mailchi.mp/9c516879c1fd/f3macon . The date is the 19th of May at 7 am.  4680 North Mumford Rd.

Finally, a share from Moonshine – F3 Alpha is celebrating 3 years with a bang, the details for the 29th of April can be found here: http://f3alpha.com/index.php/2018/04/10/3-year-anniversary-cookout/

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