Floodfest 11s – #wormriver

AO: The Wreck

When: 04/23/2018

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (): Thumper, Aflac, Green Bean, Bear, Squeegee, Mad Dog, Sprocket, Hat Trick

The day started at 4:30am for YHC with the kiddos not keeping put through the night. Wasn’t going to deter the plans to get moving and lead a dedicated PAX into the swamp, aka The Wreck. Strong showing in such wild conditions with a posting from our fellow in Dunwoody @GreenBean. Kudos for the tweet and subsequent naming of the WO.

The Thang

5:30 – we mosey

  • Warm-up started with a light jog and burpee for the first 10(ish) light poles that we came to. We hit the first parking lot and our first round of 11s commenced.
    Push-ups on one side / Big Boy Sit-ups on the other. Continue the mosey around the pond and this spread the PAX out a bit. We fluttered for a 20ct at the high side of the Football Field lot to bring in the 6. This is where we experienced (BEAR CRAWLED the length of the lot) the river flowing through the park that was efficiently carrying a million worms from one side of the park to the other.  Again, we flutter for the 6. Being at the turf field brought to mind another opportunity for the second round of 11s. This time we flip the order, BBS on one side and P/U on the other; running the width of the field in between. We finish this round and mosey on. The rain picked up as we hit the last small parking lot before the flag and YHC just knew that to really drive the point home, we needed another round of 11s. No need to change it up now. You know what we did. Mosey to the flag where we American Hammered while each of the PAX did 5 pull ups to the tune of groans. Bear lead one last round of Peter Parkers and YHC Called it at 6:14:45am.

Thank you gents for allowing me the opportunity to lead through a real rain-fest. It was an honor and privilege to commiserate with you.

Bear’s neighborhood is experiencing some poor health. Prayers for these and their families.
Lebanon Pastor Hester is having pace maker trouble
Chelsea’s uncle is fighting cancer
Nagging injuries with our PAX

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