Counting Cards

AO: The Hooch

When: 04/23/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Flo, Boomer, Scrooge, Jimbo, Nacho, Moonshine, Simba, Sneakers

The rain was coming down this morning as I rolled out of the fart sack.  On days like this it is always nice to have the Q so you don’t have any excuses why you aren’t at the beatdown.   Well I grabbed by special deck of cards and headed to the Hooch.

The warm up – the regular short lap around the parking lot.  11 SSH’s, 11 Hillbillies, and 11 Squats

The Thang: Flip a card.

Modified from the original – With my cards in hand it was time for a game of blackjack.  

Wild Cards – lap around the big parking lot

Spades – Imperial Squakers

Hearts – Hand Release Merkins

Clubs – CrabJacks

Diamonds – Dollies

*if an 10 or face cards falls after an ace 15 Burpees.  Believe it or not we had 10’s or face cards fall after all four aces.  

The Pax almost made it through the deck.  We got three laps around the parking lot.


The rain was coming down sideways.  YHC was trying to miss the puddles as we were running but that didn’t last long.  Towards the end I was looking for puddles to stomp in.

Tax season is over but after about 8 card flips Scrooge was ready to audit my deck.  

Flo though he was seeing double as the Queen of clubs was flipped back to back turns.  


Prayers for The Dab and for Flo’s family.

Praise for all the HIM’s as F3 Alpha has raised over $1100 for No Longer Bound.  


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