Ragnar is Over…or is it?

AO: Shadow

When: 04/21/2018

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Fizz, Leon, Scout, Green Bean

4 stout lads enjoined the fray with YHC, on one of the most perfect Saturday mornings that we have seen in Atlanta in some time. And with that, let’s begin:

Warm-O-Rama: (all IC and x15) SSH, Large Arm Circles (Front and Back), Windmills, Sumo Squats, and Mountain Climbers.

Round 2 (all IC and x15) SSH, Small Arm Circles (Front and Back), Windmills, Sumo Squats, and Mountain Climbers followed by a brief plank.

And mosey out to Roberts and to the old entrance to the ball parks and all the way back to the nature center trail and ultimately to the THOP for…

The Thang: 3 sets (IC and x10) of alternating dips and incline merkins. Mosey to the depths and then back out again, all the way up to the top of the park and then back down to the fireplace for some…

Mary: (all IC) LBCs (x30) Low Dolly (x30) Flutter (x30) Obliques (L/R) (x15)

Mosey up to the lower parking lot. In honor the missing Seles, A Crowd Pleaser. Squats up top and squats down low (5 and 30 and adjusting by 5s) with 3 sets of Merkins (x10) in the middle on the way up and on the way down, until the tables are turned. Extra credit in the form of a holding plank.

Mosey back towards and around the back side of Austin, and finished up with some curb flutter kicks, dips and calf raises.

COT – Leon took us out.

Q slots need to be taken for May and June. Prayers for those not back with us yet and for those that just can’t help fart sacking!

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