Donkey Dans

AO: Rubicon

When: 04/19/2018


PAX (): Boomer Zima Pit stop Transporter Mayhem Bronco Grease Monkey Aflac Double D Devito Isner Special K Cookie HaHa Scar Spandex DC2 Lowe’s Nacho Libre Miller Time Saban

It’s always great to arrive to over 20 pax fired up for some fitness.  No time to waste, the official Disclaimer Winkie was unfolded and read.  Our resident CoQ was happy that we finally got this thing right.

After a warm up lap around the lot with some butt kickers, high knees and karokee, we circled up for some SSH, Weed pickers and IW.  Off we went to the planters on the way to the Track.  Everyone grabbed a spot for two cycles of M.T’s X 20, incline merkins x 15 and Burpee’s x 5.  (miller times was the name designated by HaHa.  Place hands on the step and jump up with your feet landing on the outside of your hands and back down).

Mosey to the Community wall for Donkey Dans – 1:3 ratio of Mercan’s to donkey Kicks.  This one sucks at the end.  Next we all got in a wall sit while two at a time ran out to the track and demonstrated Monkey Humpers for the pax.  Finished up with a 1 Minute BTTW – impressive number made it a minute.

A mosey back to FOD where we circled up for our daily Burpee dosage.  While running in place we started with 10 burpee’s and worked our way all the way down to 1 for 55 total.  Next we lined up on the third base line and did some interval sprint training to the outfield fence and back a few times.

With that we shot back to the flag for some MARY where Boomer led the Buzzsaw, Nacho the T-Bombs and DC2 for his Hammers.

COT – Discussion about Sunday’s Picnic which has been moved a week due to rain.
Transporter discussed his need to hire a Sales Pro locally.  Hoping to get a good referral soon.  Position posted on Twitter and our LinkedInGroup
Nacho pitched the NLB Golf Tourney which was perfect timing as The Wreck Crew was there for a mini Invasion and latched on.  Thanks to Bronco for pushing the collection effort on their Slack channel – looks like they will fund a sign on their own and he will owe burpees.  A great group of HIM’s over there!

An honor to Q as always!  Disclaimer Winke available for borrowing!

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