The Hills are Alive

AO: Big Creek

When: 04/19/2018

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Snake, Whiz, Swiper, Body, Clyde

What an amazing morning!  57 degrees with a nice breeze to cool the PAX down once the beat-down began to take its toll.  The PAX came rolling into Big Creek around 5:25 proudly showing off the pale white legs of a long winter that has hopefully past, and complaining about the havoc spring pollen is wrecking, with dreams of the next complaint…. Summer heat.

YHC has recently set a goal of breaking the 2:00 mark on for a Memorial day Half marathon at our home AO of Big Creek: feel free to join us.  With this goal the PAX is forced to train with me as I take the Q.


SSH  X 15
Imperial Walkers  X
Cotton Mills  X 15

Grab a healthy sized coupon en route to the first hill I can find.  I must thank the Forsyth County Parks and Rec. for mowing said hill just for us!

With Coupon in hand 11’s commence:

Round 1: Curls at bottom of hill Merkins at top
Round 2: Overhead Press bottom Squats at top
Round 3: Skull crusher at bottom Plank Jacks at top

Deposit coupons and mosey to the back up the hill one more time to soccer field for some Bruce Lee.

20 reps of 6 ab exercises in rapid succession:

20 Right LBC
20 Left LBC
20 Hill Raises
20 Froggie Crunch
20 American Hammer
20 Flutter kick

Quick lap around half soccer field and rinse and repeat X 3

Indian run back to the flag for Mary

Box cutter X 20
Rosalita X 20
Side Plank Dips each side X 10


Prayer for a coworkers 11 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Leukemia and prayers for all families dealing with a sick child.

Reminder about F3 Alpha 3rd anniversary cookout on Sunday at lake Windward:

Also check out our own Snakes new website with a perfect F3 Message:

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