Manning gets a Fun Run

AO: The Paragon

When: 04/19/2018

QIC: Spaceballs

PAX (): Garfield, FNG Spanx, Drumstick, Smurfette, Good Hands, Ricky Bobby, FNG Serena, Papa John, Romo, Nomad, Westside, Homeboy, FND(og) Odie, Premo, Palin, Kiffin, Tebow, Cha Cha, Cuban, Yogi, Legionaire, Manning, Mickey, Spaceballs

Listening to 2 podcasts with Barkley Marathons competitors this week inspired me to try to bring a bit of that insanity to F3.  With apologies to Laszarus Lake and all the tough as nails athletes who have attempted the real thing, here goes-


I promise I blew a conch at precisely 4:30.  Apparently 23 pax heard it and were ready to go at exactly 5:30 AM

Mosey to an empty lot-SSH, Cotton Pickers, Windmill, Finkle swings

Mosey to the bus lanes

The Thang

The goal of Barkley is of course 5 laps.  in 32 years only 15 men have achieved that goal.  Our goal was also 5 laps.  After a quick explanation  of  Barkley to the PAX, we jumped into it_

3-windsprints of 10 bus lanes.

run around the school to the top of the parking lot-40 gorilla humpers

run down the hill and and back up 3 times

run through the parking lot to the base of the stairs-40 Lunges 20/leg

Run up the stairs 3 times

Run around the school and back to the start-40 wall jumps

Lap 1 complete

Rinse and repeat

It was a good showing by all today.  The whole PAX got 2 laps.  Everyone but Manning missed the cutoff and had to hear the bugle on lap 3.  Manning gets a Fun Run!  Nomad got close, but touched the gate after time.


Mosey to the flag for Mary and Name O Rama-


Welcome Spanx and Serena!


Prayers for Homeboys Dad and proof that F3 works from Papa John



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