Glorified Route 66

AO: The Firehouse

When: 04/19/2018

QIC: Dash

PAX (): Beans, Huggie Bear, Fudd, Skynyrd, Lego, Reuben, Dash, Dory

8 brave souls ventured out into the gloom this morning not knowing what the day had in store. Little did they know that they were going to take a trip that they would soon not forget! Welcome back new PAX, Huggie Bear and Fudd! Now it’s time to get acquainted with the way we do things at The Firehouse!

Let’s Mosey

We headed out near the front of the park to visit a historic site we like to refer to as “Stone Henge”. The long run can be a breading ground for mumble chatter about what may or may not be happening so i decided to spice things up with a little Carioca(each side) and then do a little running backwards before finishing our trip to the aforementioned.


16 counts IC

Goof balls


Crab Humpers

Dancing Bears

Let’s head back to the flag to retrieve our little friends(girlfriends that is)

I had teased the PAX on the way to Stone Henge that we may actually do an entire workout without a Merkin or a Burpee(it was a friendly joke), however, we paused on the way back to do a quick set of Patty Cake Merkins and Bropees(10 each) before finally getting back to the flag!



Each PAX selected a girlfriend for the our next trip of a glorified version of Route 66.

We made a stop at each light pole around the PAX(and there are plenty of them, if you’ve ever been to the Firehouse you know exactly what i mean(The place is lit up like Christmas boys!!). We alternated exercises at each pole with a set of arms and then legs.

1st lap were sets of 10 each



Shoulder Presses

Upright Rows

Skull Crushers





I added a little catch to help intensify the burn.

Normal Yoke Walk after each arm exercise, and a Cusack Walk after each leg exercise so that the arms would be good and warm for the arm portion of the exercise.

We successfully finished one lap around the upper parking lot to get a quick 10 count and starting all over again with a hefty set of 20 reps each exercise. Unfortunately we only made it about 75% of the way before returning for a remarkable round of Howling Monkeys.

No time for Mary’s on this Route!!


Name O Rama


upcoming picnic

Saturday workout at the ZOO

Prayer Requests:

Dory’s Son’s health

continued growth

and praise for good results on our brother Howser’s MRI!!


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