Bells, Bells, Bells

AO: Stoneclad

When: 04/19/2018

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Cricket, Woody, Chitwood, Tardy, Hooch, Title 9, Law Dog

Stoneclad’s second week saw 7 Pax attack kettlebells, dumbbells and a playground. (Apparently other AO’s have playgrounds too). Maintaining to one of the core principals, you don’t need to buy anything for this beatdown, just bring it if you got it. With that, YHC was not sure what to expect other than my own kettlebell and Crickets, YHC would have to wait to see what the Pax brought for fun.  45, 25, 15 kettlebells and 25, 10, and 8 lb dumbbells appeared with the Pax, so here’s what YHC came up with…

Warmup lap around the parking lot (never claimed 0.0, just limited running)with SSH, Cotton Pickers or is it weed pickers,  and sun gods.

the Thang

Kettlebell swings, goblet squats with shoulder press, curls, sidearm shoulder raises with dumbbells, Front arm raises with dumbbells, swerkins, and pull-ups.  the Pax performing the swerkins did 10 reps while everyone did AMRAP of the other exercises. When done with the swerkins relieve the Pax on pull-ups and so on rotating through all exercises twice.

Mosey through the dark to the pavilion for a lazy dora with partner. One partner does the excersise while other partner holds the position. 100 dips/hold dip position, 200 step ups/air chair, and 300 lbcs/six inches.

Mosey back to the flag with just enough time for American Hammers and Dolly

Name-0-Rama  and COT


Welcome back Title 9 a kotter on his second post.

Chitwood is not only one hell of a baker, he is becoming an every-dayer.

F3 in the Alpha region is  growing, but to do that we need to continue looking for new ways to grow and EH more sadclowns and Kotters. Stoneclad is only a country mile from the Paragon and between the two hit 30 men in the Hickory Flat area this morning.

The Alpha picnic was postponed to Sunday April 29 due to weather. Check twitter and for updates.

Dosido is giving the devotional speech at a men’s breakfast at Antioch Christian Church on this Saturday at 9am. All are welcome to ensure Dosido’s proper form.

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