The Playground of Pain

AO: The Playground

When: 04/18/2018

QIC: The Mole

PAX (): Dosido, Smurfette, Yokel, Whamo, Dory, Nomad, Chitwood, Sunshine, Harp, The Mole

After much ballyhoo and EHing from Homeboy and Lawdog wanting to call this AO something else, YHC wanted create a workout that would emphatically say that our new AO is called “THE PLAYGROUND”.  So YHC used the good ol’ board of pain as inspiration for today’s beatdown.  Lawdog conveniently fartsacked (admitting so on the Cherokee Watercooler as I type this) and Homeboy is out of town.  How convenient for those two….  Rest assured, the Playground Board of Pain will make future appearances.  Today was a baseline run to see where we stack up.  Hopefully in the future someone will be able to complete the entire board.

Warm up:

Mosey to crosswalk and back
SSH IC (x20)
Weed Pickers IC (x10)
Monkey Humpers IC (x10)
Then grab a coupon….

The Thang:

The Playground of Pain (with coupon)

Pullups (x20) (only exercise without coupon)
Lunges (x50) (Kodiak Count)
Alternating Merkins on Coupon (x50) (Rubicon Count)
Your core wants some Kettle Swings (x50)  (couldn’t think of an exercise that begins with “y”)
Grip coupon with fingers and Curl (x50)
Rows (x100)
Overhead Press with Squat (x50)
Upright Rows (x50)
N’Diayes “bucket” lunge/squat (x50 each leg)
Deadlift (x100)

Once complete, the PAX signed the board for record keeping.  Assuming YHC can read correctly:
Yokel – got to “O”
Harp – got to “O”
Sunshine – got to “O”
Nomad – got to “O”
Dory – got through 40 reps of “O”
Whamo – got to “U”
The Mole – got to “U”
Smurffette – got to “D”
Chitwood went backwards and got through 10 reps of “A”.
Dosido went backwards and only lacked 20 pullups,  and 10 lunges.  Way to go Dosido!


  • Dosido speaking at men’s breakfast on Saturday at Antioch Christian Church
  • 2nd F cookout at Windward Subdivision Sunday afternoon

YHC thought it would be good to wrap things up with the PAX saying one thing they are grateful for about their M.  Ending prayer that we could spend the rest of our week looking for things to be grateful for the most important relationship in our sphere.

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