Garfield Loses Q Virginity, but Gains a FUBAR Flag

AO: The Paragon

When: 04/17/2018

QIC: Garfield

PAX (): TARDY (should be mentioned first and in all CAPS since Garfield missed forgot him in Name-o-Rama) Wiggum, Tebow, Legionnaire, Papa John, Spaceballs, Prem-O, Westside, Nomad, Chitwood, Cuban, Smurfette, Ricky Bobby, Homeboy, Law Dog, Manning, Cricket, Kiffin, Good Hands, Hasbro, Dory, Hooch

Yet again, another near freezing morning still couldn’t keep 23 Pax from posting in the gloom for a little Paragon fun. The Pax of the Paragon witnessed Garfield lose his Q Virginity and turn from a sassy kitten to a real mature cat, right before their very eyes. Cricket brought the sand babies (although I think they are filled with kitty litter) for some added fun – thank you to Cricket. Some mumble chatter ensued about Garfield’s gardening/Driving Miss Daisy gloves, and Law Dog showed up late.

Mosey around the rosey to grass patch for some stretching and warmups.
– Cotton Pickers
– Sun gods
– Hillbillies
The Thang 
We Mosey’d to Cricket’s ride to pick up the sand/litter babies. 20 Pax got the pleasure of carrying these, and we mosey’d down to the coupon pile for rocks for the 3 Pax that didn’t have sand baby. Split into two lines for an Indian Run down to lower parking lot. Sweat started before the first exercise.
First exercise: Partner up. One man runs to top of hill, performs 10 burpees, 10 Big Boy Situps, 10 Merkins while other partner is at the bottom of the hill holding sand baby while repeating combos of lunge on each leg, squat, shoulder press, and curl with sand baby until relieved by partner returning down the hill
– Rinse and Repeat 4 times (audible was called since original call was for 10 – that wasn’t happening)

After Garfield received death threats from the Pax, we collected our litter babies/coupons and strolled back to return coupons and head back to the flag. A few minutes left so we bear crawled to the horizon, and then back.
6MoM – LBCs, Box Cutters, Flutter kicks
– Prayers for Cricket’s wife and child – healing, comfort
– Cuban teaching Ephesians at Latimer Hall on Wednesdays at 7 PM
– Praise to God for the ability to enjoy F3
– Info to come from Homeboy for volunteers to lead quarterly 2nd and 3rd F events

Reminder of the two new AO’s launched last week in Cherokee County. A new 0.0 workout meets at Avery elementary at 5:30 on Wednesdays. Stoneclad, at Sequoya Park, will meet every Thursday at 5:30. Let’s keep growing Cherokee F3.

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