Sunshine’s last Caney Q

AO: Caney Creek

When: 04/11/2018

QIC: Sunshine

PAX (): Isotope, Nacho Libre, Cosmic Bandito, Sunshine, Scar, St2.0, Flo, TO, Ha Ha, Pothole, IHOP

A yellow sliver of a moon hung low over north Fulton County (or is it south Forsyth) as the pax gathered last Wednesday in the gloom.  Just as the clock neared 0515 the familiar hum of the NLB van entered the lot delivering Sunshine and the Cosmic Bandito.  Gloves were donned and we moseyed.

Warm Up

The Pax followed Sunshine up four flights of stares for two laps around the top of the Caney Creek hill.  YHC had not chased Sunshine around for awhile, and forgot how fast he is.  Back down the stairs for SSH, Weedpickers and Hill Billies.

The Thang

The pax paired up for some Dora.  A short list with some big numbers.

  • 305 Merkins
  • 305 LBCs
  • 305 Squats

One pax hammered out the exercise while the other bounded up the four flights of stairs to the top of the hill, knocked out 10 SSH, back down and switch.  Diminishing returns were noticed as the stairs took their toll, particularly when we got to the squats.  Nacho and Sunshine led the pax in some Mary until the Six was in.

Next step was another round of Dora.  72 Burpees and the same routine with the stairs, but no SSH at the top.  With the Six in we were about at 0600.  Sunshine then revealed it was the last time he’d be Q-ing at Caney.  He was graduating NLB and had been away from his kids for 305 days, been in the program for 10 months and was going home in 72 hours.  This was probably one of the most emotional and inspirational closes to a beatdown for YHC and as well as most pax.

Sunshine will be missed at Caney.  He was an original and has been a great brother up there.  His presence has been very instrumental in the growth of this AO.


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