Reaching out in the Alpha

AO: F3 Alpha

When: 04/15/2018

QIC: Homeboy

PAX (): F3 Alpha PAX

Engaging the Sad Clowns

Any that have gotten to know Homeboy (Paragon/Kodiak), you would know this HIM truly gets pumped about reaching out to Sad Clowns.  We thought we’d share some of what he’s doing to hopefully inspire us all to think about those men around us each day that could benefit from F3 in their lives.

Let’s Grow F3Alpha in 2018!

Each of us who is part of F3 Nation know how much of a positive impact F3 has made on our life.  When a man starts taking care of himself physically, builds community with other men and starts seeking purpose greater than himself, something ignites! He gets to leave the life of a sad clown and become a HIM!  F3Alpha is located in one of the fastest growing and most popular places in the entire country! We have a huge opportunity to grow F3 in our region and end sad clown syndrome.  Remember, every time you EH a man, it is not just for a work out.  We have no idea what hangs in the balance.  When a FNG post for the first time, it could (literally) be the catalyst that changes the trajectory of his life and ultimately his family tree:

  • He may meet the first man ever that he feels comfortable talking and opening up about his drinking problem.
  • Starting a healthy lifestyle of exercise may prevent him from a heart attack that lies in his future. 
  • Maybe he starts giving back to his community for the first time. 
  • Maybe he prays for the first time.

The ways F3 can impact a man’s life are endless. All we have to do is spread the word!  Here is a list of ideas to promote F3 throughout our community and EH sad clowns. Please allow this list to get the creative ideas flowing. If you come up with more ideas, PLEASE share them on Twitter and with your AO. 

  1. Think about where your friends work.  Ask them if you can bring donuts to a weekly/monthly staff meeting and talk about F3 for 5-10 minutes. Companies are always looking for ways to encourage their employees to exercise! Since F3 is free, this a huge added benefit to the company!
  2. Set up a table top at your local elementary school or recreation park during events (baseball, festivals, soccer, football, etc).  Recruit a few PAX to work the table and pass out flyers. I contacted Mudgear and got approval to print a table top cover.  We could buy the table top cover and share it through the region.
  3. Look for men’s bible studies that meets in your area.  Again, drop off donuts and ask to speak for 5-10 minutes about F3. I did this 2 weeks ago and it resulted in 5 FNG’s!
  4. Ask to speak at local networking groups and civic organizations.  Examples include: your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, BNI, etc. These groups meet weekly and monthly. They are always looking for speakers. Especially for non-profit organizations that are giving back to the community.
  5. Post a flyer at your local Starbucks on the community board (or any restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store with a community bulletin board)
  6. If you go to church, ask if you can run a blurb in the bulletin or newsletter.
  7. We had a ton of success promoting The Paragon launch on Facebook.  Facebook can reach a TON of people that you will not be able to reach through Twitter. Set up an “event” for a Saturday beatdown on Facebook and invite all your friends. Get the Pax to share the event on there page and invite all there friends as well.  Between 10 PAX, you will easily invite at least 100 men. Share your personal experience with F3 and what it has meant in your life. I promise, it will get people talking. When I was promoting the Paragon launch, I even had wives EH’ing there husband to post for the first time at F3.  Facebook gives you a much larger audience for promotion.  

Good luck! Let’s grow the F3Alpha region like crazy in 2018 and end sad clown syndrome in our communities!


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