Fort Benning CSAUP Spartan Race


When: 04/14/2018

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Whamo, Bloodhound, Legionnaire, Westside, Misty, Whiz, The Mole, Chocolate Chip (Fia), Wonder Woman (Fia), T-Rex (2.0), Doodle Bug (2.0), Gecko (2.0), Peanut (2.0), Gumball (2.0), and Puppeteer (2.0)

For some the journey started Friday night, for others the alarm went off early in the gloom to signal the start of the day that would have us all converge on Fort Benning.  The sun rose hig into the sky and the day was warm, a welcomed change to what we have all experienced this winter and early spring. With the shovel flags firmly planted by 10am and our crowd growing ever larger, the PAX prepared for the day.  The orange clad men, women, and children of the north laced their shoes tight. 2.0’s (and a few bald heads) were lathered with sunscreen to protect from the newly discovered bright orb in the sky. Then it was time for:


15 each of: SSH


Imperial walkers

Sun Gods OYO

-enough of that, adrenaline was high and we were ready.

After a last second toilet break it was time to hit the starting line.  Promptly at 10:45 we were set loose on the course. The course was great, as were the people along the way.  The men of the Kodiak & their respective Fia counterparts performed well. The mole finished fastest at 1:18 (17th for his age), Legionnaire was 6th for his age, and Bloodhound 11th for his.  Fia’s showed up strong with Chocolate Chip finishing 6th for her age group and Wonder Women at 13th. Overall the obstacles were conquered, burpees were performed, and new goals were established.

Once the adults all crossed the finish line, it was time for the 2.0s to have some fun.  Most ran the ½ mile, while 2 brave men ran the 2 mile. Their races ended with muddy smiles and happy faces.

F3dads Spartan Race on 10/27 should be another great oppourtunity to spend a great day with the family.  I hope you all can make it out, you will be amazed how much fun your kids will have being kids and jumping in the mud.  The earlier you sign up, the cheaper it is so Check it out here:   


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